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101 Ways to Have a Great Day in Russia!

Super Ideas for a Great Day!

From start to finish, 101 ways!

  1. Get enough sleep the night before for your awesome day!
  2. Clean your room the night before so that you wake up to a clean home to enjoy!
  3. Have a refreshing shower or a nice warm bubble bath.
  4. Pick your favorite outfit or one that make you look super good!
  5. Eat a healthy breakfast. Blini!
  6. Go for an early morning walk.
  7. Read the newspaper.
  8. Have a cup of tea or coffee.
  9. Have pirogi or muffins with jam and cream.
  10. Let someone else drive. Hitch a ride for little money!
  11. Spend your day with friends or your family or your loved ones.
  12. Go to the beach.  finland Gulf and feel your spirit on the wind!
  13. Go shopping and spoil yourself.  Sennaya Ploschad is great for that!
  14. Get a haircut. If you are a woman, get highlights too.
  15. Take your phone with you in case you need it. Call a friend!
  16. or find peace,  leave your phone in the car while you walk on the beach.
  17. Put your toes into the lake or gulf!
  18. Wear suncreen with a good SPF.
  19. Be around people that make you feel good about yourself.
  20. Say a prayer, meditate or have a moment of silence.. . . .
  21. Do something that you have been meaning to do for a long time.
  22. Spend some time on your favorite website. (
  23. Look good wherever you go. That will help you to feel good.
  24. Smile!
  25. Tell a joke to make other people laugh.
  26. Do something for someone who needs help..
  27. Eat your favorite food.
  28. Watch your favorite TV show.
  29. Do some gardening. Dacha!
  30. Spend some time with  kids.
  31. Wear a cool hat.
  32. If it is winter, go for a walk in your new coat.
  33. If you don’t have a new coat, buy one!
  34. Go onto your favorite social networks and ping a lot of people.
  35. Read a book.
  36. Paint a picture.
  37. Don’t think about things that make you stressed or angry.
  38. Express your feelings in art or poetry, or by talking with an understanding person.
  39. Spend some time with your pet. Animals love attention from their owners.
  40. Jump in puddles if it is raining.
  41. Go to a park with a group of friends. Krestovsky Ostrov!
  42. Have a picnic. Go berry or mushroom hunting!
  43. Sing a song.
  44. Cook something tasty.  Shashliki?
  45. Pick a flower in your garden or bring one home.
  46. Read a joke book.
  47. Write inspirations in your diary.
  48. Go for a walk or to the gym.
  49. Relax in your home slippers.
  50. Avoid arguments and be nice to other people.
  51. Go on a boat.   White Nights on the Neva!
  52. Page through a magazine.  Snob?
  53. Have more tea or coffee.  With chocolate.
  54. Wear a wacky outfit.
  55. Gossip (but not too much).
  56. Laugh
  57. Bake with your mom or favorite friend.
  58. Go to your favorite restaurant.
  59. Drink sparkling water.
  60. Have a power nap. Especially after some power food!
  61. Buy someone a gift.
  62. Go to the zoo park.
  63. Go dancing. At home is fine, just do it!
  64. Brush your teeth and floss!
  65. Go to a game reserve.
  66. Get a letter or send a letter.
  67. Play with stickers.
  68. Make a social media page.
  69. Play Pac Man Online.
  70. Watch the news. Or maybe don’t watch the news!
  71. Make new goals.
  72. Use a nice cream or beauty product. Perfume! Cologne!
  73. Look at something shiny
  74. Go star gazing. Make a wish to the brightest star!
  75. Watch the clouds.
  76. Go fishing. eat fish!
  77. Go for a hike.
  78. Go roller blading. at
  79. Make a toast for health and good friends!
  80. Facepaint your face. Get a temporary tattoo.
  81. Kiss your sweetheart.
  82. Fill the refridgerator.
  83. Walk to Palace Square!
  84. Text  SMS or tweet your friends
  85. Make a snowman. Or snow woman. Give ’em a hug!
  86. Swim, Polar Bear dip in winter?
  87. Play a sport.
  88. Sit in the sun. At Peter and Paul fortress!
  89. Eat a pie on a bench.
  90. Give yourself a makeover
  91. Get a cool DVD.
  92. Roast marshmallows on a stove or candle.
  93. Tell your friend a secret.
  94. Have tea in a high rise restaurant. Skybar?
  95. Learn a new word
  96. Do a crossword puzzle.
  97. Wear something crazy.
  98. Paint your nails. eat your snails, look at whales. Make a poem!
  99. Buy some Swiss chocolates.
  100. Wash your hair
  101. Enjoy Life! Give yourself a break! Be yourself and happy!

Health, Happiness and Peace!

And to all a Great Day!

Compiled by David Owens

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Sennaya is produced by David Owens. A place for thoughts, news and analysis from various points of view.

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