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Archive | August, 2018

Reliable Sources for Understanding Russian – American Relations

Enemies or Allies? Competitors or Critics? Constructive or Destructive?

Finding balanced sources for Russian-American topics can be a challenging task with the politically charged atmosphere in Washington.  Here are a selection of sources to navigate the partisanship and emotions that color daily headlines.

Johnson’s Russia List
The best daily gathering of the significant press on Russia from many points of view. From the Institute for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies, George Washington University. Independent and supported by voluntary contributions. A daily email option is an efficient way to to efficiently stay up-to-date.


The American Committee for East-West Accord
Carefully evaluated press that advances understanding of Russian-American issues. “The primary mission of the Committee is to promote such discussion about East-West relations and thus to create broad public awareness of the new dangers and of ways to end them. The Committee encourages open, civilized, informed debate of all the related issues, current and past, among Americans with different, even opposing, positions, perspectives, and proposals.”   Their board includes some of the brightest minds on Russia who have stood the test of time through the Cold War era.


The Christian Science Monitor
The Monitor’s broad coverage of international news .
Fred Weir, their journalist in Moscow since 1998, has brought decades of knowledge to bring welcome context and balance to coverage.


St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow is the default image used by media to represent Russia, though few stories are about the Orthodox Church.

Chronology or Russia – United States relations–United_States_relations


Gallup News Polls


CIA Factbook
The Central Intelligence Agency fact gathering on Russia


Progressive: The Nation
“Home to tenacious muckraking, provocative commentary, and spirited debate about politics and culture.” Oldest continuously published weekly magazine in the US, and widely read journal of progressive political news, opinion, and analysis.


Realist: The National Interest
Bimonthly international affairs magazine published by the Center for the National Interest associated with the realist school of foreign policy thought.


The Moscow Times: Independent newspaper produced by journalists working in Russia.
“The Moscow Times is Russia’s leading, independent English-language publication. Our mission is to provide foreigners and internationally oriented Russians with breaking news, engaging stories and well-researched journalism about the largest country on Earth.” Founded in 1992.


Consortium News
Independent investigative journalism since 1995 founded by the late Robert Parry. Always thought provoking and well-researched.


Putin Ties Russia

Often primary sources can speak for themselves and end speculation.

Foreign Policy
Broad arguments on foreign relations to provoke thought and discussion.


The Intercept
Constantly analyzing and seeking the the facts behind our assumptions in Media. Glen Greenwald has been particularly astute citing precisely what evidence exists or is missing in Russia-related stories.


Vladimir Pozner, Russian-American journalist
French-born in 1934,  a Russian-American journalist, with unusual clarity in understanding the US and Russia based on his long professional experience in both countries.   His live news program is aired weekly by Russian TV 1 in Russian language
Most of his work is in Russian language but occasional English reports are illuminating in framing the issues between the countries. Here is a discussion with US citizens in English:


Research: Primary sources for Russia study


Television and social media
Short video bites, social media tweets and posts are too incomplete to be listed as reliable as a rule and are not included.


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