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Beware The Russian Terminator!

In 1946 the whole world, with the exception of Germany and Japan, was filled with exuberance ar the end of World War II.

But back in Moscow, a mysterious plot was hatched to reveal the future to come! The Russian Terminator!

The Russian Terminator, Moscow 1946

The Russian Terminator, Moscow 1946

This is a great  piano and animation piece done in Moscow in 1946, long before the digital effects that dominate modern movies.

It has been dubbed fondly as  “The Russian Terminator” in modern times, for reasons that become clear about halfway through.
Russian Terminator 1946 – full length cut. “Яблочко” – полная версия.Год выпуска,
from film studio ” Soyuzdetfilm “
Directed by: Ivan and Vladimir Nikitchenko
Cinematographer / Operator: Mikhail Kirillov
The actors :
David Ashkenazy – famous Soviet pop pianist , accompanist and kompozitor.V postwar years was accompanist R.Beybutov , Isabella St George , Claudia Shulzhenko Zykina , Mark Bernes Valentina Tolkunova , Iosif Kobzon Marina Gordon. People’s Artist of Russia (1996). Father pianist and conductor Vladimir Ashkenazy .

Vladimir Zernov – One of the first Russian tap-dancers . First their rooms ( there was also room ” Apple” ), he put in the time of the NEP. Began performing with his older brother . Much later worked in the Moscow pop dance ensemble “Family Grain “, a teacher at the State College of Circus and Variety Arts . Considered legendary choreographer who trained group of talented students – Arcadia Nasyrova , Vladimir Kirsanov Oleko Abdullayev , Sergei Skorobogatov and others.

Charming, entertaining, and ahead of its time!
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