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Archive | December, 2016

Fairy tales with a surreal twist

kozak pinocchio

Pinocchio, are you sure you like my cologne?

Alice caterpillar

Alice in Wonderland meets the caterpillar

Fairy tales with a surreal twist

The wild fantasies of  Waldemar Von Kozak

At first glance Waldemar Von Kozak’s paintings seem to be classic illustration in the style of the 1950s-60s. But with a twist! The subjects are reminiscent of fairy tales with hidden meanings often pointing to a darker unreal side. This is not your grandmothers “Little red Riding Hood.”

Just as the illustrations of the 1950s are not always politically correct,  Kozak’s depictions often cross that line and beyond. A little dark, thought provoking, and definitely not for small children.

Kozak lives in a small town between Moscow and St. Petersburg.  His usual creative process is to sketch on paper, then detail and color his work on the computer.  He says life provokes inspirations that are hard to keep inside, he must let them out quickly in a sketch.

He began drawing as a child after an accident with a metal swing to the head that left him partially blind for a long time and during the recover he drew. He recovered and after finishing art school worked as a  advertising and packaging designer.  But his passion for drawing brought him back to illustration.

These samples of his works and our captions are  pretty tame compared to the variety fantastic illustrations he has produced.  Feel free to add your own captions and comments.

To see more go to his website:



The seventh dwarf did not meet Snow White!


How Little Red Riding Helmet found Grandma.


kozak pigs

Men are pigs. The three little pigs grew up!


kozak monster

Frankenstein’s dilemma — to brain or not to brain.

william Tell

How William Tell shot the apple. Hey, the apple is to the right!


Star Tral

Star Tral – What Star Trek might have looked like in the 1950s.

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