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Surprising Moscow City

If you have not been to Moscow in the past 10 years then you have a high-rise shock waiting for you — the Moscow International Business Center.

Looking up at some of Moscow City’s skyscrapers. -photo David Owens

For the casual tourist looking at the skyline from Red Square, a pocket of diamond crystals has appeared on the horizon. Rising towers of steel and glass seem to have sprung from nowhere.

Nothing like a great view and your favorite glass of expensive — water!

It is no illusion, in just a few years the Moscow International Business Center has thrust Moscow into the world-class business community. Although construction actually began in 1992 the impact on the skyline has accelerated in recent years. Entering the Federation Tower’s 62nd floor you find the restaurant “Sixty” with a fabulous view and a modern European and Russian menu. Their motto – “the higher, the better… no exaggeration…” rings true with interior views of the capital city from the height of almost 500 meters.

Moscow International Business Center -photo David Owens

In 2015 the giant tower of Moscow City, the Moscow Federation Tower, became Europe’s tallest skyscraper at 373.7 meters. (1,227 feet) Only recently bested in June 2018 by the Lahkta Center in St. Petersburg, Russia, now the highest building in Europe and Russia at 462 meters (1,516 ft). The 3rd highest building in Europe is the Shard in London, at 306 meters.

Moscow City, Moscow River and environs. Photo by permission Instagram: @deensel

Moscow City, as impressive as it is, is still about half-completed in 2019. Of the 23 structures in the plan, a dozen are finished, about 7 are under construction and the rest are in planning stages. I use estimates because at the rate Moscow City is changing, as soon as I proclaim the exact numbers they will change again.

View from Federation Tower, Moscow City -photo David Owens

When finished Moscow City will be able to house about 300,000 people. With three Metro stations nearby and a scenic Moscow River location it makes an easy tourist visit.

There are two observation decks for panoramic views, the Federation Tower and the Mercury Tower. The restaurant “Sixty” also has great views. Ground level is also developing rapidly with an urban park atmosphere with plenty of places to gather and enjoy the view.

It is safe to say that the majority of the top ten tallest buildings in Europe are in Russia, and the most in one place is in Moscow City. Expect the exact rankings to change in the next ten years, but Moscow City will remain the most impressive collection of skyscrapers in Europe for the foreseeable future.

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