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Cheburashka works for World Peace!

Cheburashka gains clout in Japan, Olympics and rest of world

Cheburashka and Medvedev

Cheburashka gives Medvedev a briefing before embarking on a diplomatic mission at the Olympics.

And now something lighter in the news! Endearing Russian cartoon celebrity Cheburashka has been winning hearts across the globe.


In July 2009 Red  Cheburashka was given to President Medvedev as he gave the official send-off to the Russian Olympic Team. It was one of Cheburashka’s first official missions.


Cheburashka-san aired in 26 three minute epidodes on Japan TV and rivals Pokeman in popularity contests.  Japanese television channel TV Tokyo began airing a show about Cheburashka, the popular Soviet cartoon character. Cheburashka in Japan is as popular as Pokemon in Russia, commented Eduard Uspensky, creator of “Cheburashka.”

Blue Cheburashka at Olympics

Big Blue Cheburashka at Olympics



Barack Obama and Cheburashka

Barack Obama poses for a photo with Cheburashka during meeting.

President Medvedev was seen consulting with Cheburashka above.   Now Cheburashka has embarked on international diplomacy as he takes the hand of US President Barack Obama. Once only known for his agricultural expertise with orange shipments, Cheburashka’s influence can be felt worldwide.

Olympic Cheburashka

Olympic Cheburashka

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