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Answers for First Time Visitors to Russia

Here are questions we often hear from travelers planing their first trip to Russia:

How do I get from the Airport to my Apartment?

Easily, but it takes some time.

The international flights come into St. Petersburg Pulkovo II airport.

You can get your own taxi there, but it is expensive, often they ask $50, or even 1,500 rubles.

If you have only a carry-on you can catch a minibus to Sennaya ploschad or to the Moskovsky Metro station and ride metro.

But it is difficult to carry large bags on public transportation.

The best way is to get a private car. It will take about an hour in the afternoon to reach the center and cost about $15-20 or 500 rubles.

If you stay at one of our apartments we will be happy to arrange to meet you at the airport and settle you in your apartment.

Is Russia Safe?

Yes. You are safe in Russia.

Take the same precaution you take in any urban area. Keep your money in a front pocket, your back pockets can be targeted by pickpockets, especially in a crowded area frequented by tourists. Keep a hand on purses and cameras and use your shoulder strap. Keep aware of anyone getting too close or bumping into you. Be aware of your surroundings.

Thieves everywhere watch for who is not watching their belongings and strike the easy target. Just be careful and you will be fine.

Why do some people pay less to get into the museums?

It depends on your passport.

Many museums and concerts have two prices, the local Russian price and the foreigner price. The government tries to make things affordable for local residents but also charge a fair price for foreigners.

There is passport control at big museums like the Hermitage and it is very difficult to get lucky to be allowed to pay a lower price.

Usually the price is clearly market in English for the tourist price and in Russian for the local price. Fortunately, even the foreign price is a good value.

Here is a great tip: The Hermitage Museum has free entrance on the first Thursday of every month!

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