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Today you can still feel the spirit of Dostoevsky's inspiration in the back streets and alleys near Sennaya Ploshcad.

To find hot property or real estate in Russia is always a challenge. Another challenge is to find dostoevsky in switzerland where he could have learned another language to write his stories.

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Things to do in St. Petersburg
Resources for St. Petersburg, Russia
Famous Russian Writers
Fyodor M. Dostoevsky
Alexander S. Grin
Scarlet Sails by Alexander S. Grin
Vsevolod V.Krestovsky
Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky
History of Sennaya Square Ploschad
Sennaya Ploschad today
River Cruise guide for Russia
First Time Visitor's guide to Russia
Hotels in Russia
Currency converter from Sennaya
Apartment for rent St. Petersburg, Russia, Sennaya Ploschad Kaznacheiskaja
Online Estate Agent
Summer School Switzerland
Russia travel information for St. Petersburg, Moscow, Russia
Tour Guides Saint Petersburg Sennaya Square Ploschad
Russian Holidays from St. Petersburg Sennaya Square
Metric Conversion Calculators
Loan and Mortgage Payment Calculator
Sennaya Reservations
Sennaya Square Policies
Fly Little Birds - interactive poem by David Owens
Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson
Russia Travelers - Index
Hotels in Russia
Valery Nagorny Jazz from Russia
Seasons of Saint Petersburg
Stereoviews from Russia
David's Christmas Karaoke Tree
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/ Forum
Russia Travelers Forum

News and Travel in Russia
Russian Music
Russian Humor
Russian Food
Russian Language
Mysterious Death of First Man in Space Yuri Gagarin Solved?
City Plans to Rebuild Sennaya Ploschad Church
St. Petersburg graphics in Vitebsk, Mark Chagall's museum
The best national anthem to Auguste de Montferrand in St. Petersburg
2012 year Putin May Consider - Presidential Run
Russian Wooden Mouse offers eco-friendly interface
Rossiyanka won the competition "Mrs. World"
Madonna sang communist anthems?
"Hero of Russia" Kalashnikov, inventor of AK-47, named by President Medvedev
Rare miniature of Peter the Great found in Arizona, auctioned at Sotheby's
Gary Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov meet in Chess duel
Anti-corruption making progress in Medvedev's Russia
Alcohol on the agenda
Traditional Russian nesting Dolls, matryoshka, Seek Bailout
No Casinos in Russia, June 30st, 2009 was the last day!
Oranienbaum Katalnaya gorka, OPEN LOOK 2009 perform modern dance.
NEW project for the Apostle Andrew in St. Petersburg by Kronstadt
New Russian law lets city council fire their mayors
Russia Day honors Kaspersky and first woman in space

Events, Holidays and Festivals

Russian Language, Russian-English-Russian

Russian Humor
Things to do in St. Petersburg
Hermitage Museum
Trinity Cathedral - Troitsky Sobor
Tsarskoe Selo, Catherine's Palace
Peter and Paul Fortress
Food and Restaurants in St. Petersburg
Survival tips and local custom

What to bring
Hotels and Apartments in St. Petersburg

Holidays and Events in St. Petersburg

Nightlife, music and entertainment

Shopping and souvenirs in St. Petersburg

Socializing, chances to meet local people

Sports and outdoors

Tourist traps and pitfalls

Transportation in St. Petersburg

Things to do in Moscow

Things to do in Tobol'sk

Sochi Olympics 2014

Personal Guide in St.Petersburg or Russia!

Visa and registration

Real Estate in Russia

Airlines and airports
Recent Posts

News and Travel in Russia
Russia put the first man and the first empty suit into space
Nasa continues cooperation with International Space Station with Cosmonauts
Alexander Column under Hermitage protection now
First case of Swine Flu arrives in Russia from N. America
King spoon for President Medvedev is ready
Ford workers in St. Petersburg protest 4-day work week
No Swine Influenza in Russia, but passenger screening in effect
Statue monument to underground rock musician Viktor Tsoi underway
Russia prosecutes 40,000 cases against public officials in 2008
Pushkin Fine Arts Museum to be redesigned by Foster
Stalin thought he rescued Russia. Feedback
Fines for drinking alcohol in public places could increase 1000 percent
DNA tests show all Czar Nicholas' family murdered by bolsheviks
Miss Russia from St. Petersburg
Coca-Cola to invest .2 billion more in Russian markets
McDonald's to open 40 more restaurants in Russia this year
Russia may bailout American Steel Company
Miss Atom to be found outside protection suit
Sputniks battle over Siberia
Earth will grow to 9 billion and Russia to lose 34 million by 2050

News and Travel in Russia
Currency converter for travelers
Sixty-five years since the German blockade of Leningrad
New Patriarch Kirill chosen For Russian Orthodox Church
New Russian Constitution changes- longer term limits
White Russian cocktail
Should Lenin's body remain on view in Red Square?
Putin painting brings 1.1 million dollars for children's charity
Csar Nicholas II case officially closed
Humor: Bolshevik Weather Expert
Wal-Mart Looking at Russia
Alexander Nevsky, Hero for Russia
Individual tours around St.Petersburg, Russia
Police are people too
Hot Tours in Russia
Welcome to Russian Travelers forum!

Events, Holidays and Festivals
Russian Thanksgiving Dinner in November
Jan. 7: Russian Christmas Traditions
Russian Christmas
December 12, Constitution Day
November 4 - Day of the National Unity in Russia is a holiday
November 7, Day of Accord and Conciliation
October 15: Birthday of Mikhail Lermontov
The Day of Knowledge - 1 September
August 22 Day of Russian Flag
Seliger camp is an event for every summer
May 9: Day of Victory
May 1: Workers Day
Catholic Easter on Sunday 12th of April !
Orthodox Easter - 19 of April 2009
Cosmonautic Day April 12
March 27, the world celebrate the International Day of Theater
April 1, for Gogol too
March 8: Women's Day
St. Patrick's Day! March 17

Russian Language, Russian-English-Russian
Borrowed words in Russian language
Russian letters pronounciation - R
The backwards R is Ya ...
Rwd - Happy New Year!
Roll those 'R's in Russian
Rwd - Thanksgiving
Rwd - black friday
Rwd - October
Rus Word a Day!
Some common words that sound similar in Russian and English

Russian Humor
Russian Mat as a Russian Culture?
Russian Mat: law against using obscene language !?!?
Russian Humor in Old time magazine "Ogoniok"
Lost in translation, gained in humor!
KVN: popular humour show in Russia offen shown on TV
Games: cards: durak
Black humour
Russian jokes
Russian humour: about
Humor: Russian Comics Book

Things to do in St. Petersburg
Catherine's the Great Monument/Memorial
Central Train Museum
White Nights: Bridge openings by boat
St. Isaac's Cathedral
Mariinsky Theater
Mariinsky Theater 2
White Nights: Neva river Fountain
Museum of Political History of Russia
The Bronze Horseman, monument
Griboedov Canal
Church on the Spilled Blood
Museum National Center of Photography of the Russian Fed.
Zoological Museum
Aqua Park Waterville
The Russian Museum
Cathedrals and Churches: Kievo-Pechorskaya Lavra
Tap water quality in Saint Petersburg
The Circus on Fontanka
Cathedrals and Churches: Kazan Cathedral
Rivers and Canals: Bank Bridge - Bankovsky Most

The famous fountains of Peterhof starts 8 May 2009

Hermitage Museum
Hermitage has raised ticket prices for foreigners
The State Hermitage Museum in the Winter Palace on Palace Square
Trinity Cathedral - Troitsky Sobor
Tsarskoe Selo, Catherine's Palace
Tsarskoe Selo, Catherine's Palace
Amber Room in Catherine's Palace
Catherine's Palace, Tsarskoe Selo
Peter and Paul Fortress
Petersburg launched the Marble boat
Lenfilm opens exhibition at the Peter and Paul Fortress
Take a walk in Winter at Peter and Paul Fortress
Peter and Paul Fortress always has something to see

Food and Restaurants in St. Petersburg
Classic Russian Siberian Borsch recipe
russian cuisine
What is the most special food in St. Petersburg?
Russian -Drink Kumis for your health!
Plombir is delicious: Ice Cream
Shashliki, Russian barbecue Do-it-yourself
Fresh Fish Pie at home
Carl's Junior Russia
Salhino Cheburechnaya
Montana Saloon Restaurant
Boston best cinnamon roll in 2008
Yacht cafe along the Finland Gulf.
Stolovaya Lozhka Cafeteria in St. Petersburg, Russia
Tiffany's Cafe - images of Audrey Hepburn's NY
Varshavsky Express elegant food court
Sky Bar, a modernistic view
Subway in Russia, American with a twist
Russian M&Ms, for unique flavor
Business Lunch - a popular theme in St. Petersburg restaurants
Recipe: Beef Stroganov- make it yourself!

What to bring when traveling to Russia

Survival tips and local customs
Drinks and stereotypes about Russia
Food - 24 hours in Russia
Webcam to see live weather in St. Petersburg
Urban Walls of St. Petersburg, Russia musical video slideshow
Museum Fashion
Russian lessons & apartment special offer in summer June 2010 in St. Petersburg!
Humor: No Saxophone players at Peter & Paul Fortress!
The Saint Petersburg and St. Petersburg people's name
One expat writes about life on Sennaya Square, St. Petersburg
Money: bank cards or cash?

What to bring
What to bring when traveling to Russia
What medicine to bring when visiting Russia
Foods hard to find in Russia
Hotels and Apartments in St. Petersburg

Hotels and Apartments in St. Petersburg
Demidovmost Hotel
Where to stay in Saint Petersburg?
5 star hotels in Saint Petersburg, Russia
Apaida - the perfect sample of small private hotel of St.-Petersburg.
Hostel Na Sadovoy
Which is the best: Comfort Hotel - Nevksy Hotel Grand - Herzen House Hotel?
Azimut/Sovetskaya Hotel (ex Sovetskaya Hotel) 3*
Neptun Best Western Hotels ****
Randhouse Bed and Breakfast Sennaya
Experimental Hotel locator for Russia
Corinthia Nevsky Palace Hotel
Nevsky Grand Hotel
Bed and Breakfast Inn
Abricos (Apricot) Hostel
Karelia Hotel
Russian Room Dostoevsky Flat Project 2 Hostel
Petro Palace Hotel
Dostoevsky Hotel
Astoria Hotel
Grand Hotel Europe

Holidays and Events in St. Petersburg
In St. Petersburg in May will be the first time project «The Night of Music».
9th International Ballet Festival opens in St. Petersburg
First of March, Kikimora - kick out, very old style New Year.
Exhibition of sculptor Ivan Prokofiev opens, St.Petersburg
25th of May: Crimson Sails graduation celebrations
May 27: St. Petersburg birthday
New Year's Eve on Palace Square New, festive but hazardous
Ded Moroz for New Year and Christmas
Holiday: New Year's Eve Sennaya Ploschad
Christmas is early and late
May 9: Victory Day
June 12, Russia Day
Holiday: Halloween at home or on the town
Maslenitsa Week -- Pancake festival week
May 18 or so - International Museum Day, Museum night
September 1 - students day and first day of school in Russia
Ekaterina's Christmas Faire

Nightlife, music and entertainment
Revolutionary Lion, a new exhibition about Trotsky
Sunduk art night cafe
The Mariinsky Theater on the Internet
If You Loved Me
The Festival " Stars of the White Nights "opens in St. Petersburg
Stradivari violin In St. Petersburg Capelle
National Anthem of Russia
Jazz at the JFC Club, St. Petersburg, Russia
Kirov Ballet at the Maryinsky Theatre
Xxxx 2 Bar upscale hot spot
Rockabilly at Money Honey
Liverpool Bar restaurant
Jam Hall movie and dinner
Jimi Hendrix Jazz and Blues
Lemon Ice, Exclusive DJ lounge
Valery Nagorny trio
The Shamrock - Irish Music
Jazz: Apelsin Band!
Oktyabrskiy big soviet era concert hall
Jazz Philharmonic Hall Jazz Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia

Shopping and souvenirs in St. Petersburg
Clothes: Shop with No Name
Department Stores: Grand Palace Shopping Center
Microscopic Art Makes Russian Fiction a Reality
Food & Drink: New electric Samovars
PhotoStore: 2nd Hand Cameras
Department Stores: Passage shopping mall
Department Stores: Nevsky Coliseum big mall!
Souvenirs: Santa Matroshka nesting dolls
Vanity Grand Opera
Russkiye Samotsveti Jewelry Center
Souvenirs: Bazar - one-stop souvenir shopping
Food & Drink: Market for expired goods
Souvenirs: The Lucky Coin reaches Russia
Souvenirs: The fifty rubles
Department Stores: Vladimir Passage
Souvenirs: Flea Markets
Hip-Hop Pimp Shop
Street Artists for fresh berry
Food & Drink: Bekon: Bringing home the Bacon
Department Stores: Apraksin Dvor for best prices

Socializing, chances to meet local people
Hermitage calls from Madonna to abandon blasphemy in St. Petersburg, Russia
Britney Spears will perform in St. Petersburg in summer 2009
Institute of Peter I would be opened in St. Petersburg in 2010
How to get to the home concert- kvartirnik

Sports and outdoors
New "Zenith" stadium is about to open.
Russian Adidas
Cheburashka Olympic mascot
Finlandski sled on Krestovsky Ostrov
Go ice sledding in the city

Click for Saint Petersburg, Russia Forecast

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