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From chaotic hay market to trendy urban center, Sennaya Ploschad was always been a lively part of Saint Petersburg.

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St. Petersburg, Moscow and beyond

Many people say that the very best way to discover the grandeur of Russian history, traditions and architecture while experiencing the beautiful landscapes of that part of the world is on a Russian river cruise. Russia's great rivers allow you to see both magnificent cities filled with unique monuments and buildings and spectacular country sides where you'll get a taste of Russian heritage.

A Russian river cruise offers travelers the best of both worlds: by day, you can visit the many fascinating museums, theaters and cultural sites of St. Petersburg. and the Kremlin in Moscow and, at night, you can make your way down the river floating under the stars far from the city lights. Also along Russia’s rivers are seldom visited towns that retain the atmosphere of Russia’s past and medieval cities which are full of history, folklore and legend. River cruises in Russia are becoming more and more popular because they allow travelers to visit small provincial towns, take short sightseeing tours and move on, enjoying picturesque views along the way. 

Traditionally, there are both short and long river cruises in Russia. Short cruises usually take two to five days, start in a big city like Moscow and cover a handful of small provincial towns. Longer cruises usually take nine to twenty days (or could even be longer).  These would start in a city such as Moscow and travel to other big cities, like St. Petersburg or Astrakhan.  Either way, the cruise would stop in small towns, like Kizhi, and other interesting places along the river where passengers would have time to take a tour or walk around on their own before continuing to their next destination.

View of teh Volga River from a ship There is probably no better way to experience the extraordinary culture & history of Russia than on a journey along the country’s fabled rivers. Many of Russia's greatest cities (both ancient and modern) are on the banks of a waterway. Anchored by the famed Volga River, a network of men-made canals make up large part of this waterway and this intricate network of rivers spans the entire western part of Russia. These rivers are wide enough to allow small, elegant cruise ships to travel from Moscow to St. Petersburg, stopping at some of the Russia's most incredible destinations, like Yaroslavl, the ancient Russian capital destroyed by the Mongols, or Kizhi Island, home of an amazing wooden Transfiguration Cathedral.

Russia’s cities are both fascinating and historic: Moscow and its wide avenues, famous Red Square and Kremlin contrasts greatly with the buildings of St Petersburg’s Winter Palace set on a network of canals.  Ships even sometimes dock overnight in this great imperial city to allow passengers enough time to take in the sights such The Hermitage, which ranks among the world's best museums and The Church of Our Savior on the Spilled Blood with its elaborate mosaic facade and onion-shaped domes.  Other example of traditional architecture of old Russia and the magnificent art treasures can be seen in the famous Golden Ring cities and, in between, passengers experience the countryside that has inspired generations of poets, painters and composers.   Because of this, a cruise through Russia is more than a holiday; it is a unique cultural experience.


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