Author Topic: Varshavsky Express elegant food court  (Read 3638 times)

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Varshavsky Express elegant food court
« on: December 01, 2008, 12:29:55 AM »
[b]Varshavsky Express[/b]

Big beuatiful renovation of the old Varshavsky Vokzal (Warsaw Station) into an elegant shopping center and large food court. It is nicely appointed, very quiet and not many people. You can feel like a VIP without the price tag :)

Фудкорт «Ресторанный дворик» - второй этаж

• Кукарача
• Сбарро
• Онтроме
• Евразия
• Рубли
• Фриш
• McDonalds

Favorite Dish: You can get a Chebureki from KFC,
a chicken enchilada from La Cucaracha and a cherry pie form McDonalds and have a beautiful open restaurant mostly to yourself.

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Theme: Eclectic/International
Comparison: about average
Prices: less than US$10  » Currency Converter
Address: Baltisky Metro
Directions: Between Baltisky Metro and Frunzenskaya Metro on the Canal Obvodny embankment.