Author Topic: Fail! Matt Damon is Ashchf Lshtfum in The Bourne Supremacy  (Read 4635 times)

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Hollywood just can't make it believable sometimes when they head for Russia.  The Cyrillic alphabet is always messing with their ideas.  Take passports for example. Russian passports have both Russian Cyrillic alphabet and English Latin alphabet words on them.

Matt Damon in the 2004 movie “The Bourne Supremacy” shows a forged Russian passport with the odd but possible name “Foma Kinaev,” written in the Latin alphabet. The Cyrillic words, supposedly the same name, reads “Ashchf Lshtfum,” a bunch of impossible consonants. 

Whoever wrote the fake passport apparently switched the computer keyboard over to Russian Cyrillic, typed in “Foma Kinaev” thinking it would translate properly. Not only does Russian have more letters in its alphabet, they are located in different spots on the keyboard. 

Letter for letter "Foma Kinaev"  would be "Фома KIнaев."  That sounds much better in Russian than phonetic sounds Ashchf Lshtfum!

Thankfully, Matt only faced actors in a movie. In real life he would have been busted immediately. 

The Bourne Supreme Fail!
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