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A new penthouse restaurant has opened in St. Petersburg and in our hobby of visiting every panoramic venue in St. Petersburg, we had to tell you about it!  

It is called [b]Teplitsa[/b], which means Greenhouse in English.

It is a new renovation on top of the Stereo Kino at 88 Nevsky Propekt.  It is enclosed in glass for a sky view, and the window view is of the courtyards at Nevsky 88. Not an open vista like most penthouse restaurants, but a  pleasant variant.   Okay, it's no Sky BAr views, in fact it's not that high ... but still, it is a view restaurant.

The atmosphere is garden, with fake green turf on the floor and garden items for decoration. Chairs are covered in white.

Teplitsa’s menu is mostly Italian, and eclectic to say the least! Perhaps the cook is just experimenting.

The Pumpkin soup, which sounds vegetarian, comes with calamari (squid) rings.
And the tomato soup has been said to contain fish!
Soups are 150-200 rubles. Lasagna is 250 rubles and Beef Stroganov 330 rubles. Not bad.
Be sure to ask the server about the dishes, the food may differ from the menu.

Teplitsa - Greenhouase
88 Nevsky Prospekt
Tel: 318 0105
Open daily 8 a.m. till the last customer
Menu in Russian
A little pricey for a full meal.

The building is still under renovation, with a nightclub planned in the main movie hall.
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