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Hunting for Collectibles in Moscow
« on: April 17, 2011, 07:54:52 PM »
Hunting for Collectibles in Moscow

Looking for vintage and antique collectibles is one of the fun parts of a visit to Moscow. Moscow is one of the world’s most expensive cities and everyone is happy to find a bargain.
And it is an opportunity near and far. In the city you can find vendors selling used or collectible goods in many out of the way places.

But one of the best areas to look is in Khimki and its Levsha market.
Yes, the town made famous in Anna Karenina as a train stop of tragic consequences.

Levsha flea market is in Khimki, just NW of Moscow. Take the train and read a little Tolstoi along the way.

With over 2000 vendors every kind of old thing, Soviet-era or recent, can be found there!

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