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Hermitage Museum Birth day.
« on: December 10, 2010, 02:14:36 AM »
Hermitage Museum celebrates it's Birth day with six new exhibitions.

Dec. 7. Six new exhibitions and a permanent exhibition opened at the Hermitage in the framework of "Days of the Hermitage, which started the birthday of the museum on Dec. 7, according to a report published on the website of the museum.

The first opened two projects - the Hermitage in Photos - 2010 ", which includes photographs that illustrate important life events of the museum and the Hermitage in publications - 2010, as well as the permanent exhibition" Ancient Siberia. Pazyryk Fifth mound. "

Exposition of Ancient Siberia. Pazyryk Fifth mound, "from the Hermitage collection, tells about the history and culture of the tribes of the Scythian period of Altai. Fifth pazyrsky mound findings of which are represented in the exhibition belongs to the V - III centuries BC. Central place in the exhibition take a burial chamber, ancient wagons and big felt carpet. Burial chamber is a frame covering about 12 square meters. Inside the building there was the sarcophagus, which were discovered the mummified body of a man and a woman. Mummy men also represented at the exhibition. The body is covered with tattoos that are not visible on the dark brown skin, but clearly visible in the infrared.

On Wednesday, December 8 at the Winter Palace, will begin work in "Treasure fabrikantshi Likhachova" and "Steklyarusny office. Panel of the Chinese Palace in Oranienbaum.

The hoard, which includes more than two hundred items, was discovered in 1978 in a building where, until 1917 was located "Neva Wallpaper Factory, the owner of which is Maria Likhachev. Nakhodka is a memorable dishes and cups, frames and supports for crystal vases, teapots, milk jugs and many other household items made of silver Russian masters of the second half of XIX - early XX century.

Also on that day will show "Steklyarusny office. Panel of the Chinese Palace in Oranienbaum," which will be presented to a restoration project conducted at the Laboratory for Scientific Restoration of tissue Hermitage. At the exhibition visitors can see steklyarusnye panels, canvas on which the embroidery is made beads made in 1760-ies. On the background of glass beads with silk embroidered with images of fantastic songs of birds.

Steklyarusnye panels were transferred to the restoration of the Chinese Palace in Oranienbaum the Hermitage Museum in September 2009. Restoration work was carried out for about a year, and in November 2010 "Steklyarusny office. Panel of the Chinese Palace in Oranienbaum" won a special prize in the "Best Restoration Project" award "Museum Olympus.

Will end the days of the Hermitage, on Thursday, December 9. On this day, will open the exhibition of one of the exhibit "Roman two-headed eagle - a fragment of a bronze sculpture of the Spanish Archaeological Museum in Alikkante with one of the first historians to view the image double-headed eagle, and monuments of Urartu. New Arrivals" - a collection of Urartian and Caucasian antiquities, donated to the museum collector Torkomom Demirzhyanom in late 2009.

The exact date of the Hermitage founding is unknown, but the birthday of the museum is considered to be December 7. This is the day of St. Catherine, patroness of the museum's founder - Catherine the Great.