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Tula's gingerbread - 325 years
« on: December 10, 2010, 01:42:05 AM »
And like the woman which is like a wine with age is only more deliciousious, this famous sweetness only gets more popular!

Celebration was held at a large table with a samovar in the main lobby of the museum "Tula gingerbread". Local craftsmen, of course, pleased their guests worthy of record. They baked a cake the size of meter on the weight of 43 kilograms. For their share here come the best pastry factory old Tula, cutters, gingerbread shingles, and of course journalists, poets and musicians. All awards for the dignity of: Pastry for keeping the traditions, the masters gingerbread shapes for their development, and typewriter and compose fraternity responsible for the promotion of the Tula brand.

Today the Tula's gingerbread is known throughout the world. This despite the fact that the cakes made in all Russian cities, trying to outdo each other in this. But the "king" as he was, and remains the carrot Tula. He is done with gingerbread planks. These boards were cut only from the birch and pear. Take only the portion of the tree, which lies between the root and trunk - the butt. Cut into planks and dried them from 5 to 20 years in special barns with movable walls for natural drying, so much so that the sun's rays do not fall on them. Only after drying to make a drawing in mirror image. This trust only skilful craftsmen, carvers. After making her gingerbread planks boiled in vats of vegetable oil to three days. So she could serve for many years.

"As about the unique taste" - says one of the guests at the tea party, the creator of the wooden forms, Dmitry Avdeev, before there was sugar and spice cake made with honey. - Honey is a sweet, natural flavors and natural preservative. Old gingerbread made with honey, called "Odnomedovye", and with the advent of sugar honey were added to bargain Tula gingerbread special flavor of forests, fields, meadows, and all shades smell of herbs and flowers.

Hear stories about the Tula delicacy, to see how the carrots are doing in the present conditions, can be the museum "Tula gingerbread" on the spot held a celebratory tea party. Where in the Tula confectioners thanks for their hard work and people's creative teams Tula prepared a big concert, which ended the meeting.