Author Topic: BlinDonalds, the Russian answer to McDonalds  (Read 4098 times)

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BlinDonalds, the Russian answer to McDonalds
« on: December 01, 2008, 12:09:40 AM »
Fast Russian Cuisine

[b]BlinDonaldts,[/b] A combination of the Russian pancake "blini" and Donald from McDonalds.

There is usually a playground for children, seating like a fast-food restaurant and if you are lucky, fast and warm food.

But usually- the donuts are hours old, the fires dry, all meats over deep-fried.
No hamburger or hotdog, only very greasy sausage on a stick deepfried inbatter, Cutlets deepfried, chicken deepfried.

When it is not old cold food they may be busy. We have waited 45 minutes for erroneously filled, but warm, orders. The lesson to be learned- DO NOT GO HERE except to see what some businessman considers Russian Fast Food.

The prices are not too bad, but but it is not a bargain if you regret what you eat there.

Favorite Dish: Blini for breakfast, pischki (donuts) only if they are fresh and a good deal, spaghetti for 12 rubles

Least exoensive fast food of widely varying quality and service

Phone: 7-812-320-12-90
Address: 6 Various locations in the city
Directions: Yaroslavosky Prospect 45 is the one pictured and it is big and chances are better for good service and hot food.
Near LenExpo and the Pribaltisky Hotel on Vasilevsky Island
ярославском пр., 45
Other Contact: