Author Topic: The Day of the city, Sochi celebrated for the first time Nov.21.  (Read 2889 times)

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The Day of the city, Sochi celebrated for the first time Nov.21.
« on: November 27, 2010, 04:06:26 AM »
Throughout the Greater Sochi were the celebrations to mark the Day of the city. "Today, Sochi celebrates the birthday of the first time. The reason was the decision of Sochi City Assembly - to celebrate this holiday in the November 21 day of saint Michael the Archangel. This decision was approved by deputies Legislative Assembly of Krasnodar Territory "- said the mayor of Sochi, Anatoly Pakhomov.

По его словам, отныне каждый год 21 ноября сочинцы будут праздновать День города. "Это праздник каждой семьи, дома и улицы, который мы отмечаем уже третий день", - подчеркнул мэр столицы следующей зимней Олимпиады. According to him, now every year on November 21 Sochi inhabitants will celebrate the City Day. "This is a celebration of families, homes and streets, which we celebrate the third day," - said the mayor of the capital next winter Olympics. A few days before the anniversary, were awarded the best Sochi residents and businesses of the city and the next day was honoring the best of families and dynasties.

Праздничные гуляния прошли во всех четырех районах курортного города - Центральном, Лазаревском, Адлерском и Хостинском. Festive celebrations were held in all four areas of the spa town - central, Lazarev, Adler and Khostinsky. В главой церкви Сочи храме Михаила Архангела прошел престольный праздник - праздничное богослужение и Крестный ход. At the head of the Church of Sochi church of the Archangel Michael was the feast day - a festive worship service and procession. В городе прошло великое множество самых разнообразных гуляний, а также ярмарка "Национальное подворье", фестивали шаров. The city passed a great many variety of festivities, as well as the Fair of the National Compound, festivals balls. Руководителю отдельного района по инициативе жителей пришлось заказать торт , который был символично украшен новой датой Дня города. Supervisor of an area on the initiative of the residents had to order a cake , which was symbolically decorated with the new date for the City Day. Вечером в городе-курорте прошло красивейшее лазерное шоу с фейерверком. Evening in the resort town was beautiful laser show with fireworks.

On the eve of the special meeting , the authorities of Sochi was awarded personal letters and gifts to the best citizens. The same day was awarded the winner of the Olympic Games in Turin and Vancouver Alexey Voevoda. He was awarded the title of Honorary Citizen of Sochi". To a holiday in the city were opened just three square: "The Seagull", "Zarechny" and "Masters" as well as 12 sports-fitness area.
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