Author Topic: An exhibition of teapots in Irkutsk  (Read 2412 times)

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An exhibition of teapots in Irkutsk
« on: November 24, 2010, 10:21:45 AM »
In an Irkutsk gallery of the House of artist exhibition of ceramics, dedicated to the kettle. More than fifty artists from different cities of Russia presented their works.

Some exhibits, do not ;ook like kettles: made in the form of exotic animals or funny imitations. The authors of works in an ordinary, household items, see the whole story. Manufacturing techniques, each of potters chose the one that is closer to the heart.

Elena Tavolzhanskaya, a member of Russian Union of Artists.
Это и восстановительный обжиг, и молочный, и подглазурная роспис,ь и надглазурная, словом, все техники, которые существуют в природе, наши художники постарались показать. "This reduction-fired, and milk, and underglaze painting, b and overglaze, in short, all the techniques that exist in nature, our artists have tried to show."

Nadezhda Kuklina, gallery director, "House of Artists".
Тема чая очень актуальна для Иркутска, особенно сейчас, перед празднованием 350-летия города. "The theme of tea is very urgent for Irkutsk, especially now, before the celebration of 350 anniversary of the city. Потому что Иркутск всегда стоял на пересечении торговых путей, в том числе и чайного пути, который шел через Иркутск, и далее во все стороны света распространялся. Because Irkutsk always stood at the crossroads of trade routes, including the way of tea, which went through Irkutsk, and then - in all the quarters spread. "

The exhibition is housed in two halls of the gallery and will stay there for 2 weeks.