Author Topic: Rabina Liquer and Juice, the Moutain Ash delight!  (Read 7480 times)

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Rabina Liquer and Juice, the Moutain Ash delight!
« on: November 22, 2010, 10:49:12 PM »
[b]Traditional Russian recipe of Rabina[/b] (mountain ash berry) drink for long winter evenings.

Take the ripest ash berries.
Remove leaves and twigs.
Wash thoroughly.

Then put into the baking tray evenly, making one layer of berries on a large pan.
Put into a warm oven  60C / 150F degrees.

After 5 minutes there are no visible changes, however one may already smell the aroma.

After 10 minutes the berries almost lose sourness.

15 minutes the taste becomes sweet and tart with a bit of sourness.

Fill a jar with berries and cover them with vodka.
Put the jars in a warm and light spot.
Keep them there till the berries become amber-colored.
Usually it takes about a month.

One may notice that the berries have soaked up the vodka .
They have become tight and smooth.
Pour out the liqueur.

The taste has to be something of tart bittersweet and very rich.

Make some more juice, lighter and sweeter:
Do not throw away the berries, pour them into the jars like this to make one more light drink sweet!

Take some sugar.
Put a quart in each gallon jar.
Put this one in the cellar. Cool dark place.
The recipe requires no light.
The taste will be delicate and sweet.

Slightly alcoholic fruit juice :)

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Re: Rabina Liquer and Juice, the Moutain Ash delight!
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