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The Museum for History of Religion
« on: November 18, 2010, 05:24:33 AM »
St. Petersburg's History of religion museum explain general history of religion. There are some particular expositions, such as Soviet atheistic posters and “Ordinary synagogue” exhibition. Posters of Rules of conduct in synagogue. Synagogical khanukiyah. Judaism section. Khanukiyah is decorated with a double-headed eagle. Commemoration list of the Kishinev pogrom victims. Mezuzahs. The Torah. Crown for the Torah scroll. Pointers for reading the Torah. Torah scroll handle. Scaled-up old photos are hanged up everywhere.  It creates the feeling of connection with the slipped away world. The sound of Jewish music doubles this feeling. Atheistic toys: skittles in the form of a priest and a bishop, a handbell in the form of a nun, and a blindfolded “believer”.
First museum section begins with the shamanism.
There are also exhibited the works of modern artists.
Ancient Greece section is presented with various models. On the picture below – Delfic sanctuary.
In the “ancient syncretism” section one could see such a “Cybele reconstruction”.
Shophar and other accesories.
Orthodoxy section. Plate with image of Michayil Romanov’s coronation. Orthodox icons.  The Archangel Michael.
German “Kings’ Worship to Baby Jesus”, 1624.

address: Pochtamtskaya str., bld. 14.
Почтамтская ул., д. 14, Saint Petersburg, Russia
tel. for excurcioan 8 (812) 571-04-95

Subway: Spasskaya, Sennaya, Sadovaya

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