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An exhibition of contemporary art of Korea
« on: November 18, 2010, 03:05:23 AM »
An exhibition of contemporary art of Korea for the first time in Russia.

In the center of contemporary art "winery" will be Russia's first contemporary art exhibition from DPRK. The exhibition, entitled "And the water flowing beneath the ice," including paintings, posters, mosaics and embroidery of North Korean artists. The curators of the exhibition are Oleg Kulik and Anna Zaitseva.
Most of the works that will be presented at the exhibition, made with ink on paper in the traditional DPRK technique. "Presenting the art of the DPRK, we want to draw attention to the world of people living in a closed space from external influence. We decided to present the world of imagery of the whole country as a metaphor for the inner life of any person in the world today" - said Kulik.

The general style of North Korean art exhibition organizers describe as "Chuche Socialist Realism". According to Zaitseva, art of DPRK despite the influence of the Soviet school of painting is original and closely linked with the Korean aesthetic heritage.

The exhibition will open December 17 until January 30. The exhibition is organized with the participation of North Korea's creative association Mansudae, about 60 works of its artists will be included in the exhibition.

Address: 4-й Сыромятнический переулок, дом 1, стр. 6
тел. (495) 917 46 46

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