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Oct. 14 Festival of Contemporary Cinema
« on: October 14, 2010, 11:01:36 PM »
Nonstandard orientation Festival of Contemporary Cinema.

Boy and girl fighting for body and soul to golden-haired handsome.
IV Festival 2morrow/Zavtra "opens Oct. 14 Xavier Dolan film" Imaginary Love ". The competition program - an old man and a goat, a sad Japanese clone, depressive Estonian, St. Petersburg's ghosts, Romanian fairy tales, as well as a lot of surprises and provocations.

What is happening in "Imaginary Love" fits in one sentence. We have before us an almost classic triangle, which is an amendment to the present - now a boy and a girl can be not only lovers but also contestants.

Francis and Marie - are very close friends. Their friendship, it would seem, does not prevent different sexes, because Francis (played by himself Xavier Dolan) - one hundred percent gay. Marie imagines herself Audrey Hepburn wears bangs and vintage dresses, an awful lot of smoke. Besides, she says casual lovers, it is the most common eye color - brown. And to justify them, a girl has to keep the intellectual life.

But here's to meet my friends Nicolas, a natural golden-haired Apollo, just as careless as it is flawless. With these data and intellectual life of reflection at all to anything.  Francis and Mary, both immediately fall in love with Nicolas. As a result of their bosom friendship turns into ferocious hatred.

If old age could
Last year, the painting "I killed my mother," the feature debut of 20 year old Canadian director, has received not only the Grand Prix of the Festival "tomorrow", but also three special prizes at the Cannes festival. In the first film to emotional excesses played tough, largely autobiographical relationship Hubert, a young gay man and his mother, lonely, stupid woman, who according to his weak forces are trying to do everything possible for his "cub".

In his second film is now 22-year-old Dolan dragged out a sensational debut of the most valuable.  First of all, himself as an artist the title role. Secondly, the handsome Nils Schneider (Nicolas), which in the first film played a gentle friend of the protagonist. But most importantly, Dolan again invited Anne Dorval, who plays the mother, Hubert.  In "Love" hated parent (Dorval is now mother of Nicholas) has reached perfection. She wears a blue wig, smoking marijuana and running a stripper.  Are likely Dolan finally decided their family problems.

There is only one question. Why kinomanskaya part of mankind For the second consecutive year with such enthusiasm watching violent maturing Canadian gay, even cute, witty, and obviously a talented boy but little did they such.

The point, apparently, is that this boy had the audacity to tell an adult about what he himself is really exciting. For some reason, usually young filmmakers strive to tell about something abstract about what they actually do not know a damn thing, but directly to the "love" come a bit closer to the 70, when the word "imaginary" becomes somewhat sad tone.  Strong and fresh emotional effect of films Xavier Dolan due to the fact that the director is currently in the same condition, which is trying to convey to the viewer.

He withdrew his movie as if rushing from the mountain.  And, if the first film of its bends slightly nauseated, then "Imaginary Love" - is uncomplicated joy and brash youthful maximalism instead of teenage hysterically.  Keep in mind that immediately after the festival premiere of Moscow will begin rolling.

Other forecasts of tomorrow
Opened at the ringing note festival «2morrow \ Tomorrow" will be heating up quickly.  First of all, it happens in the competitive program.  It is at this year's unusually diverse, as if the drafters decided to show her what happens in general contemporary auteur cinema. Here you can find the representative of a new wave of Ukrainian Alexander Shapiro, the film of the Dnepr, which is broken down into elements and folds back to the situation "night-hotel-two-sex".  There is a low-budget Japanese inspired Tarkovsky homage "clone returns home," directed by Kanzi Nakajima, who explores the delicate relationship of clone and its prototype and climbs into the subconscious so far that it no longer escape. Chinese "Winter Break" Li Hongqi, which is compared not only with Jarmusch, but with Khlebnikov, show how literally out of nothing, out of boredom and routine of a provincial, born instinctive fear and panic.

Nizhegordsky duo artists Provmyza presents the film "Empower", existing on the border of film and video art.  The authors carefully monitor the movement of boats on the river, which gradually draws you into the space of a mystical parable about man and nature.  Estonian manager loses himself and all the familiar landmarks of surreal farce, "The Temptation of St. Tonu", filmed by one of the most interesting filmmakers of post-Soviet space Veiko Yunpuu.

Of course, no festival is now impossible to conceive without the Romanians. In "Tales from the Golden Age" advocates an entire team.  This project is producing Christian Mundzhu, Cannes winner, producer of the film "Four months, three weeks and two days."  Mundzhu has driven his colleagues and compatriots to please the public with an anthology of absurdist jokes about life under Communism.

From St. Petersburg to Moscow delivered a hardened underground - the movie "Rafail Piron" Yaroslav Dobronravova got into the program at the last moment. Dobronravov draws the audience in the twilight worlds of the St. Petersburg gateways and establishes communication with the city where the ghosts. Another Russian Party - painting "which was not directed by Ramil Salakhutdinova, a student of Alexis Herman.  The protagonist of this work to avoid the predicted death, decided on the experiment, which complicates the lives of up to impossible. It is recommended to men, immersed in a midlife crisis.

Finally, a favorite of the contest will be clearly Michelangelo Frammartino with his film "Four" about the old man, grazing goats on the Calabrian hills. The history of the soul, who lives several life cycles, has turned out not only poetic and philosophical, and witty.

In the non-competitive program where moviegoers are carousing.  On movies, which can not be missed, tell in a separate article. In the meantime, note that you should pay particular attention to the full retrospective of Lithuanian Šarūnas Bartasa, which will be held in Russia for the first time and will, finally, our advanced public to join the work of one of the most influential filmmakers in Eastern Europe.

On the other interesting projects and programs during the festival, about his philosophy and core values can be found directly from its organizers .

The full schedule of shows, master classes, parties can be found on the festival website .
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