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Oct.3: Sergei Esenin 115-th anniversary
« on: October 03, 2010, 11:49:12 PM »
I love the poetry, it is so emotional.

115-th anniversary of Sergei Esenin. The great Russian writer and poet.

Oct. 3 will celebrate 115 years since the birth of Sergei Esenin. The Gorky Institute of World Literature began its international conference, devoted to his work. Parallel Symposium held in Konstantinov. But even the presence of a huge number of guests does not reduce the flow of Esenin's admirers that are going to bow to the poet to his homeland from around the world.
Esenin's Museum in Konstantinov - one of the most democratic. House of the poet surrounded by the usual village inns, which are growing Esenin apples. Antonovka - tourists call it the most delicious and most sour apples in the World.
Such attendance - any museum would envy! Record on tour - two months, a record attendance - in the autumn, until golden grove has not dissuaded. It happens to forty three groups a day. Memorial building - primarily Esenins house can not stand the onslaught of tourists.
"The last time the house was rebuilt in 2001 due to dilapidation. The house was built for the ordinary peasant family. But the millions of people began to visit it. The building was in disrepair, so it is completely rebuilt. But it has the same form as in the life of Esenin "- says the academic secretary of the State Esenin's Museum - Juliana Titova.
Only one room, separated: the red corner, a samovar, which more than two centuries, the same "old shushun" - is it the poet's mother often went on the road. Many scripts. Esenin sisters managed to keep  - they lived in the neighborhood.
About that, "as he was a guy, here are legendary. This KONSTANTINE stories that are passed by word of mouth from generation to generation. Sergei Zatsepin several times a year comes to Yesenin from Kolomna: their grandfathers were friends, were sitting with him at the same desk.
"He knew how to make friends - my grandfather told me about this friendship. Was able to give gifts. When he arrived from Moscow, brought a whole sleigh candy, bagels, Samovar - and they are from my grandfather went to Konstantinov and distributed. They  brought joy and laugh to people "- said the museum visitor Sergei Zatsepin.
Today in Zemstvo school that is "excellent", Esenin graduated in 1909, it is possible for a whole day to become a classmate of the poet.
"We know the program in Zemstvo school: reading and writing Russian, Slavonic and arithmetic, the law of God and historiography in the senior class. We focused on the letter and the Church Slavonic language, since it is connected with Sergei Esenin "- explains the researcher at the State Esenin's Museum  Tatiana Kir'yanova.
The school bag - books of the last century - more precisely, their reprints on his desk - linovki, pens and ink-nonspill bottles. Interactive lessons - a recent invention. Museum workers say: the game helps easier to accustom the public to the exhibits. And admit: every evening over the department manually prescribed izhitsy.
"When we looked at the Oka River - so where was born the great poet, because a great beauty. Without such an atmosphere it is impossible to find inside such a great poet. Nature also helped, "- says Hist. Rea Donham (Korea).
From Moscow, about 200 kilometers to the Ryazan - 40 more. At the memorial village, where dozens of years have not overgrown popular trail, so far there is no cafe or hotel. And in the hut now will not stop: the village only a little over two hundred - Esenin's one was ten times more - and they find it difficult to survive in this stream of tourists.
"There is a place where there will be a big building. It will not be in the village Konstantinovo. This is an entry area in front of the village - there is a plan to place the hotel complex. This spirit of the times. We must meet the needs of our visitors, "- said the director of the State Esenin's Museum  Boris Johanson.
The new director - 36-year-old Muscovite, the grandson of the artist Johannson, art critic Boris Johanson wants to do Konstantinovo exemplary. To get to the reserve and research work was carried out as follows, and illegal Novodels with the security area have been removed, and the nature of the famous preserved. Village Konstantinovo - 300 years. In its history - the names of the ancient owners of these lands - Prince Volkonsky, Myshetskaya, Golitsyn. But going to Esenin.

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