Author Topic: Koryushka- Cucumber Fish in May  (Read 5204 times)

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Koryushka- Cucumber Fish in May
« on: November 30, 2008, 11:54:35 PM »
[b]Koryushka- Cucumber fish[/b] from market and restaurant

If you are in St. Petersburg in May you may find a strange smell of cucumbers in the air. Not from Vegetables, but from the Korioshka fish that run from the Finland gulf up the Neva River.
They are about 6 inches or 15cm at maximum and are caught by the netfull for market and restaurant.

Koryushka is usually floured and fried in sunflower oil minus the head.

Address: various
Directions: Look for koryushka (hypomesus olidus) in rivers and canals, then they will be in the restaurant or market. You can see their bubbles on one side of teh canal as tehy migrate upstream.