Author Topic: Police horses painted in zebra for children's safety  (Read 2740 times)

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Police horses painted in zebra for children's safety
« on: September 05, 2010, 12:48:33 AM »
Make people laught and you will get their attention.
How to get Russian people laught?
Here is an example from Russian holiday, how you can get people's attention and... make them laught and...remember!

[b] Police horses painted in zebra for the sake of safety.[/b]

Artist Leo Leshchenko, presenter Svetlana Bondarchuk, live horses, painted "zebra" and Moscow pre-school children went to the streets of the capital of Russia in the campaign "Safe zebra" . It is traditionally held in Russia in the first week of September as part of the complex of preventive measures "Caution - children!" . In this way Traffic police the Russian Interior Ministry has decided to remind drivers of the need to be careful while driving.
"The horses and ponies, painted "zebra" safe for animal health with paint, our instructors moved on pedestrian crossings across the road, in places where children cross the road at ground crosswalk on his way to school".
Young participants could ride on these "zebras" under the supervision of traffic police officers.
According to Traffic Police Inspector Victor Kir'yanov each year in September, it has been a sharp increase in the number of accidents involving minors. "Up to date, the extent of child road traffic injuries in our country are damning. In fact, every year we lose on the roads of an entire school," - he said.
Especially for parents The Road Inspectors of Russia has developed a handbook with tips, how to protect children from accidents. It, inter alia, to regularly remind the child through the safe on the road, and always use when transporting children in the car, seat belts and special child restraints. For drivers in the memo spelled out specific recommendations. They advised in advance to slow down when passing close to kindergartens and schools.