Author Topic: Moscow trains start out with a live "trailer"  (Read 2473 times)

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Moscow trains start out with a live "trailer"
« on: August 30, 2010, 06:46:56 PM »

Riding on the running of the last wagon train - not just a way to save on travel, but also a hobby for a few thousand people. That is "zatseping" and what's at stake extreme, RIA Novosti was told activists unusual movement.
The most frequent place of gathering "zatseperov" in Moscow - Yaroslavl station. Roman Gromov, one of the interlocutor of the agency, held a film crew to a standing electric P-2. These compounds are produced Riga Carriage Works from 1962 to 1984. According to Roman, these trains are very comfortable - in the old formulations more elements, which can be grasped. "The main thing is not to embark on new parts that were welded already in the depot, for example, lattice. They just might fall off," - said Gromov.
The guys have a whole set of unwritten rules. One of them - are not allowed to train people in a state of intoxication. Drunken passengers also sometimes try to go without tickets, to cling to the footboard. "I always try to explain to them that we should not expose themselves to danger in such a state," - said "zatseper Andrei Malyshev.
Sober and courageous extremals allowed to cling to the cars. At peak hours to the last car train can attach up to fifteen people. Among them are minors. As told RIA Novosti deputy chief of the Moscow police department units PDN rail Svetlana Trofimchuk, social networks already has several groups dealing with dangerous journey. According to a police officer, this greatly complicates the work.
"Before, there was no community, we have been easier to keep order. As children, I always warn that they are not caught on the spot. When they start to chase, a train can be broken, and children running away, can injure" - explained Trofimchuk.
You can get injured and during the trip. Mortal danger, for example, climb on the roof of train. "The wires are energized about three thousand kilovolts. One touch can lead to death" - told RIA Novosti Dmitry Pertsev, head of the press service of the RZD.
"Zatsepery, in turn, argue that realize the danger of entrainment and observe all precautions. "And yet, we respect the railway workers, so our main rule - do not break. Sometimes we even themselves overclock vandals, that spoil the composition," - said Andrei Malyshev.
However, according to workers Railways, extreme actions are in violation of the law. Catch "zatseperu" imputed misconduct on the railways and issued a fine of [b]100 rubles[/b]($3.3).

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