Author Topic: A monument to Chekhov - in Sri Lanka?  (Read 2881 times)

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A monument to Chekhov - in Sri Lanka?
« on: August 20, 2010, 10:24:41 AM »
In Sri Lanka, with the warmth was opened a monument to Chekhov.

In the capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo, today inaugurated a monument to Anton Chekhov, dedicated to 150 anniversary of the birth of the great writer as well as the 120 th anniversary of his stay in this country.
Anton Pavlovich visited Sri Lanka in 1890 - when the island was called Ceylon yet - on the way of Sakhalin. Then he finished one of his stories - "Gusev."
"Ceylon - a place where there was a paradise - Chekhov recalled in his diary. - Here, in paradise, I made more than a hundred miles by rail and the throat was saturated palm forests and bronze in women."
Monument to the great Russian writer in Colombo, Russia handed over a gift to the people of Sri Lanka. RF Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Vladimir Mikhailov said an interview with ITAR-TASS that the Sri Lankan public a monument to Russian writer was a major cultural event: "Here they know Chekhov, and treated with great warmth to what is established in Colombo, his sculpture.
The author of the monument began in Moscow sculptor Gregory Potocki, who created more than 60 outstanding cultural monuments around the world and in Russia.
In sculpture, recognizes the author was trying to convey a sense of pain for another person, so familiar to the Russian intelligentsia at the turn of the century before last and vulgar, which is so deeply concerned for the fate of the Russian people.
This is not his first work on the monument to Chekhov. Potocki has already created two sculptures of the writer, are set in Tokyo, Japanese and French in Nice.
A bronze bust of Anton Chekhov set in the historic district of Colombo near the hotel "Grand Oriental", which stayed on the writer during his travels.
In this hotel room is already a memorial museum of Anton Chekhov: preserved furniture and furnishings of the time, and on the walls - pictures of the writer. In the main lobby of the hotel is located a plaque: in Russian and English languages, she said that from 12 to 18 November 1890 in Hotel living Russian writer Chekhov.

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