Author Topic: 3 meters statue of Lenin in France ?!?!?!  (Read 2422 times)

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3 meters statue of Lenin in France ?!?!?!
« on: August 20, 2010, 09:37:47 AM »
In the south of France have established a three-meter statue of [b]Lenin[/b].

In the city of Montpellier in southern France have established a three-meter statue of Lenin. The first sculpture in the country of a leader of the Bolsheviks became part of the song, titled [b]"Great Men of XX century"[/b]. The list also included Charles de Gaulle, Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt. As the authors considered the project, Lenin played a key role in the history of the last century.
In the dense green polyethylene, they are all identical. But the sculptor let slip that Lenin will be no cap, but in the traditional position - with a raised hand. Judging by how something ridge beneath the cover, it is Vladimir Ilyich.
While not all residents of Montpellier know that between the bowling alley and bar at the shopping center "Odyssey" will soon be an area of outstanding people in the world. Roosevelt, Churchill, de Gaulle, Jean Jaures and the leader of the world proletariat, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. The governor of the province of Languedoc dreamed about this for three years, and it is not just nostalgia, and the restoration of historic justice.
"I try for people who love history. For those who do not want twentieth century, full of tragedies and victims, erased from our memory, "- says George Fresh, head of the region Languedoc-Roussillon.
According to Fréchet each of the characters of this sculpture has left an indelible mark in history and, therefore deserves to be cast in bronze, at least three meters tall. Vladimir Lenin was not only well-known Bolshevik, if not the October Revolution would not have started the decolonization. When the finish area to spread the tiles over their heads Ilyich kindle powerful searchlight.
That is the choice of the statue to Vladimir Ilyich Fresh approached carefully, first studied in the market all offers. But the finished monument, suitable price, size, and artistic expression, was not there. Given the scale of planned, it was decided that all figures will be made by one author and one style.
Not everyone was convinced that Montpellier is a monument to his face. The Greens have announced that they will dismantle it immediately after the inauguration. The more the city can be proud of and that restore - "Three Graces" at the Comedie Square, "Jewish Ritual Bath» XII century monument to Rabelais, the local medical university, he lectured.
Despite public outcry, the governor of Languedoc is not going to listen to anyone. In the square near the center of "Ulysses" is a lot of space, a sculptor working on a new order - the monuments of Mao Zedong, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi.