Author Topic: The Hermitage offers visitor "tips on pins" one-off nozzle on heels.  (Read 2145 times)

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"Nakabluchniki" the museum will cost less than the regular repair of antique parquet.
The State Hermitage Museum began an experiment that would definitively renounce felt slippers, which distribute the guests of the museum. From this week visitor who came in on stiletto shoes, handing out one-off nozzle on his heels.
Draft disposable shoe museum, which will eliminate the felt slippers, developed 10 years ago. However, it found himself in demand just now. "Nakabluchniki" made from izolona - material used in construction and in the production of rugs.
As part of the experiment Hermitage ordered 500 pairs of "nakabluchnikov", but if undertaking is found to be successful, production will be put on stream. Custodians halls will give 'tips on the pins' for free: it is cheaper than the regular repair parquet. Using pieces will be recycled: visitors will have to leave them in containers at the exit.

I hope it will help them to save the history.