Author Topic: August 20-22: XIII Moscow International Jazz Festival, Hermitage Garden  (Read 2416 times)

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In a week, the garden "Hermitage"  will be given to the power of jazz.

Jazz musicians will meet again in the Hermitage Garden.

XIII Moscow International Festival "Jazz in the Hermitage Garden" will gather in the open air 12 Russian and foreign ensembles. This jazz pianist Yakov Okun said today at a meeting with journalists, which became a kind of prelude to the upcoming parade. The event will be held outdoors from 20 to 22 August.

According to Okun, the garden is a favorite to all  has long been the venue of the most brilliant musical concerts and musical events. Here, in different years were Leonid Utesov , Claudia Shulzhenko , Joseph Kobzon, Lev Leshchenko Saulsky and George Garanyan .

As the director told the garden "Hermitage" Alexander Bonzakov, this year the garden will look very special. "Even with the unpredictable weather, we will do everything possible to make our guests feel at home here" - he said.

The highlight of the festival will address the world-renowned American trumpeter Jeremy Pelt, who will be on stage together with a quartet of Yakov Okun, as well as new young big band, led by a popular composer and musician Igor Kantyukov. Visitors will be able to hear a solo singing by Russian jazz star Anna Buturlina.

Speakers at the press conference, paid tribute to recently retired from the life of saxophonist and composer George Garanyan. Thus, Yakov Okun emphasized its contribution to the development of the domestic jazz and recalled that the composer was the author of music for many films and performances, which are decorated to this day repertoire of jazz musicians. His book on the art of spectacular arrangements of "Fundamentals of pop and jazz arrangements , which was published several months after the passing away of masters, can be purchased at the Hermitage Garden.

It will an amazing night!