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From "Olympic" to the Red Square
« on: May 14, 2010, 03:18:27 AM »
Where to go in Moscow: from the sports complex "Olympic" to the Red Square
We all know that in Moscow often hosts various concerts, many of which remain in the memory of the audience for a long time. Of course, everyone has their own interests, but the concert halls of Moscow can provide entertainment for every taste. One of the best places you can visit to enjoy a beautiful theater and a concert program - [b]the State Kremlin Palace. [/b]
Probably for many people visiting the Kremlin Palace, the event was very important and memorable. Here are working professionals, provides viewers with the fruits of their labor in various genres of art. [i]The auditorium of the Kremlin Palace [/i] is designed for 6,000 people here are very spacious and beautifully. The local scene is great, thanks to the equipment to provide good quality lighting and sound, as well as other factors. This place meets the world standards of concert halls. But the audience - not the only place in the State Kremlin Palace, which is always interesting to visit. Here is a small hall, which is also called the [i]Hall receptions[/i]. In this room go through various grand receptions, chamber concerts and many other activities. By the way, has become a tradition here could move the world championship chess. If you want to spend an unforgettable evening, remember that the best concerts in Moscow, organized in the State Kremlin Palace.
Another place where you want to come back, if you want to attend good concerts in Moscow is - [b]the Olympic Sports Complex[/b]. Olympic Sports Complex - a stadium for 35,000 spectators, the central arena which is 10000 square meters, and it has a pool of 12 thousand spectators. Of course, talking about places where you can spend your time, not to mention Crocus City Hall. So far he is a new room, located in a tent on the territory of Crocus City. Designed for holding various activities. You can organize concerts and performances, conferences, congresses and seminars. Krokus City Hall surprised their capabilities. Large room with a capacity of about 6,000 people, if necessary, can be transformed into a small room, which includes about 2 thousand spectators. If necessary, part of the stalls can be converted in such a way that there can be put tables or make the dance floor. This room offers many different options for its use, allows you to organize a lot of interesting events. Perhaps even visited here many times, the viewer will not miss a chance to come here again and again. If you have not visited the good concerts in Moscow, perhaps you should visit the hall of Crocus City Hall. In the same breath with the State Kremlin Palace, the "Olympic", Crocus City Centre and other cultural institutions need to mention the Moscow Palace of Youth. What is the Moscow Palace of Youth? This is - a large entertainment center, not only for youth but for people looking for an opportunity to actively and interesting way to spend your vacation. There is a large hall for 1900 seats. They are enough for all who wish to visit any cultural event and not spend time in vain. Of course, speaking of cultural institutions, not to mention the Moscow State Philharmonic. Here is the concert hall named after PI Tchaikovsky. If you want to visit the symphonic, choral and organ concerts in Moscow and see the performance of various dance groups, then you - here. Do not forget about the concert hall of hotel "Cosmos". Hall is used for holding various conferences, congresses and forums, as well as for performances, concerts or shows movies. Next to the concert hall you can see the interesting exhibition stands. And, of course, do not forget about one of the main places of Moscow - the Red Square. Certainly we can recognize that Red Square is not often make the venue for concerts, but if it does occur, these concerts are probably the most memorable, entertaining and interesting in your life. At Red Square were many world famous people. In Moscow there are many interesting places you can visit. Of course, now we can not mention each of them. You may have already formed their habits and inclinations, and already have a place that you love to attend. And also you like some singers and actors, to concerts and performances which you like walking, as well as favorite sports, games, followed by interesting to watch. Choosing good concerts, performances and other cultural events, you can not just have a good time and relax the soul. Cultural Recreation is essential to our rapid technological era
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