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Victory Day: all Moscow entertainment
« on: May 05, 2010, 08:13:20 AM »
On May 9 th this year 2010, plan to celebrate the thriving and everywhere. "Your leisure" offers several options for entertainment on a holiday.

As always, the most interesting things will happen on city streets. Already in the morning Moscow will be filled by crowds of holiday-dressed people. Main Event - Parade - will begin at Red Square at 10.00. This year it will be attended by existing troops from NATO countries and the leaders of certain foreign powers. Unfortunately, the watch is a magnificent procession mere mortals can not: the parade allowed only by special guest. Major public events will begin at 16.00, and at several sites. For example, on Tverskaya Square festival of "Ode to Peace". We hear brass music and military marches, at 17.30 from here under "Farewell Slavyanka bands will march, and later (18.00) at the scene of Tver come out pop stars: Irina Miroshnichenko, Dmitry Koldun, Katya Lel, proud, Alexander Novikov," Shao ! Bao? ". Meanwhile, at the Theatre Square will develop musical and poetic program "Eyes on the winners!". Performers-veterans will arrange a creative encounter with the young musicians, among them, for example, group "Tviks" Count Gagarin, Yu-Kay and Prokhor Chaliapin. The real star is expected to mix in the Lubyanka. Here, with 18.00 everyone can listen to Alexander Marshall, Victor Rybin, Natalia Senchukova, Alain Appin, "brilliant", Lada Dance, Alexei Glyzin, "Factory", "White Eagle", "Nancy and Dennis Maidanova.

Quite a different kind of concert is expected to Poklonnaya Hill. Mariinsky Orchestra under Valery Gergiev perform here the most interesting excerpts from "Ruslan and Ludmilla," The Nutcracker "and other Russian works (from 14.00) - this concert conductor closes the Easter Festival. Given that tickets are usually "on Gergiev did not get it, but performance on Poklonnaya Hill audience will be able to visit for free, place in a parking lot should take in the morning - there will be full.

Needless to say, that the center of town for the day will make walking in all the parks will organize festivities, and in some places, for example, at the same Poklonke, in Izmailovo Park, Sokolniki and Lublin will treat this field kitchen. Traditional Menu: buckwheat with corned beef and front 100 grams.

The most awaited show celebration - fireworks - will begin at 10pm and is said to be at this time is unique. First, instead of the traditional 10 minutes, it will last 15. Secondly, it will be released from 20 artillery rounds, as usual, and 30 - both at the first parade in 1945.
Oh, and finally promised incredible colors associated with "tricolor".

[b]In museums and galleries[/b]
If the blowout is not for you, you can celebrate in the museum halls. Fortunately interesting exhibitions "on" in the capital will be more than enough. Thus, at the Center for Contemporary Art (Zoological str., 13, p. 2, 8-499-252-18-82) show an unexpected project "Place of Memory". Two of the artist - German Yor Hen Hertz and Russia's Yuri Leiderman - created a video installation on 65-year anniversary of Victory. Clearly, the attitude to the field day they are different, and it creates a vivid artistic conflict.

Contemporary artists in recent years it has became an active interest in military theme. For example, in "Croakin Gallery" (st. B. Polyanka, 15, 959-01-41), you can see the exhibition "Parade", sponsored by the wittiest Moscow draftsman Constantin Batynkov. And in the Museum of Modern Art (Tver br, 9, 694-28-90) show the work of James Hill's "Victory Day". One of the best photographers of the world, removing all the world's hot spots - from Afghanistan to Beslan from Bishkek to Iraq - it turns out, four consecutive years photographing in the park to them. Gorky's Russian veterans.

The strongest exposition of "Remember the world is saved" offers GMII im. AS Pushkin (St. Volkhonka, 12, 697-79 - 98). Cartoons Kukryniksy, painting, Alberto Sanchez, a surreal spirit incriminating fascism works Labasa and Deineka, terrifying work of Heinrich Vogeler "Third Reich" with the image of Hitler screaming. The main objective of the exhibition - to demonstrate the horror of violence.

"Victory Day in 3DĽ - sounds strange, but it is this exhibition is held once in four venues in Moscow under the open sky - on Chistoprudny and Tversky boulevard, the Sparrow Hills and Poklonke. Old war photographs are presented here in three-dimensional quality. Of course, invited to look through the glasses fashionable.

In addition, the curious exposition of the war opened in the Museum of Contemporary History of Russia (Tver street., 21, 699-67 - 24), in the museum-panorama "Borodino Battle" (Kutuzov prospect, 38, 8-499-148-94 -89), the Gallery at Solyanke "(st. Solyanka, 1 / 2, p. 2, 621-55-72) and CHA (st. Krimsky Val, 10, 8-499-238-85-37) - here in one of the rooms will show the work of German prisoners of war - "To live. 1940-s. Before you ready for the show, you need to call the gallery and to clarify the time.

[b]In theaters, cinemas and concert halls[/b]
Theatre and concert halls also will not go away from the holiday. For example, in the theater "Commonwealth Taganka Actors" the whole company will come on stage to play "Four toast for the victory" - the play of Nikolai Gubenko, posed by poems and songs of the war years. The auditorium that day will be quite an unusual appearance. The stage will set decoration - columns of the Reichstag, and the audience chairs with simple boards turn into a festive set up tables (915-11-48). Theatre of the Russian army to prepare the premiere on May 9 - a two-hour military drama "Forever Living" (730-730-0). And in the Theatre. Moscow City Council can see the play "My poor Marat, staged by director Andrei Zhitinkin on the play by the Soviet playwright Aleksei Arbuzov and tells of how during the siege between a man and a woman is born love (699-20-35).

For those who prefer all the arts cinema, the Victory Day military offers several pictures, which makes sense to look at the big screen. Film Faith Glagoleva "One War" - about the demobilized from the front captain and five women living with him in a small northern island. "Ash Waltz" (directed by Alain Semenova and Alexander Smirnov) - a real feat podrostkovminerov who gave their lives to disarm the road. And, of course, the last kinohit Nikita Mikhalkov's "Burnt by the Sun 2.

Perhaps the most difficult in this day will be music lovers. Among other powerful outdoor programs for them stashed concerts in the capital's halls. We'll have to choose. Thus, in the "Palace on the Yauza (645-22-45) Central Band of the Navy Rimsky-Korsakov play amazingly beautiful waltz, tango temperamental and military marches, full of optimism and faith in victory. In addition, there will immortal hits "The Dark Night", "Ogonyok", "Peculiarities of. In the Concert Hall. Tchaikovsky (232-04-00) will make song and dance ensemble named after Loktev. The Palace Durasova (350-15-53), located in the historic manor Lyublino, held literary and musical concert "Vivat Winners!", A royal manor "Izmailovo" (8-499-165-13-36) - Music performance "bow to those great years." And in the theater the School of Modern Plays (694-68-34) May 9-known Russian bard Bulat Okudzhava will remember - the famous Soviet poet and composer at age 17 went off to war as a volunteer, and later wrote numerous songs about war, including brilliant victory anthem "And that means we need one win, one for all - we do not haggle over price.
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