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"What? Where? When? "Teach Americans to think together.

The TV channel ABC, which bought the rights to broadcast in the U.S. the TV show "What? Where? Когда?», надеется на успех на американском рынке. When? 'Hopes for success in the U.S. market. Unlike most of the analogues, where participants were urged on to criticize each other, here for the victory must talk together, emphasize the "Hey, the BBC". The first issues of the transfer will come in the summer.

International Club
In the United States and, of course, Russia Various television version of "What? Where? When? "Also exist in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Israel and Ukraine. [/color]

American television channel ABC "in anticipation of running on U.S. television license versions known Russian TV show "What? Where? When?" Trying to attract the attention of viewers to the new project. As told in an interview with the Reuters agency president Merv Griffin Entertainment, producing among the program, Roy Bank, is pioneering the format of "Six" (under that name quiz will be released in the United States).

"When the last time you saw the group dynamics involved are not on the desire to criticize and to substitute each other?" - He said. Bank said that on American television are particularly popular in just such transfer, participants face each other and thus promoting individualism.

In "Six" is the cornerstone will be delivered collectively beginning.  "There are no votes and will not have to get rid of someone. You earn money only as a team "- he stressed a team.

Differences between the policies of competitors and the questions themselves, which are given to participants. "In games like" Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? "You either know the answer or not.  There is no player can not know it.  To answer come through logical reasoning ", - said President Merv Griffin. The first issues of the transfer will come in the summer. As the leading invited British showman Vernan Kay.

On television, the USSR and then Russia program aired since 1975.  Within a few years of "family quiz" (originally called the transfer "Family Quiz" What? "Where?" When? "And participated in it only two teams), it has become one of the most popular programs on TV.

Under current rules, the game in the intellectual battle take the team and a team of experts in the audience.  First ask the question, while the latter must, within minutes to find an answer.  If he turns out to be true, experts earn a point, if not, then point and a cash prize given viewers.

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