Author Topic: Sochi's sister city: The Dostoyevsky Festival in Long Beach  (Read 2326 times)

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The Dostoevsky Festival held in Long Beach- Sochi's sister city


The Dostoevsky Festival was held at the beginning of February 2009, on Friday 6th and Saturday 7h, at the Karl Anatol Center on the campus of the Cal State University, Long Beach. In broader terms, this Festival carried on a recently established tradition of Russian literature festivals every second year at the CSULB, as the first one was the Pushkin Festival organized in October 2006.

The Festival successfully addressed Dostoevsky contribution to the world literature and assessed his role in Modern American Thought. Its round-table discussions on a high academic level, steered by the Dostoyevsky connoisseurs among the scholars of leading US Universities, led by Professor Gary Rosenschield (one of America's most respected Dostoevsky scholars) as a keynote speaker, and by the Professor at Moscow University, Igor Volgin, also the Director of the Dostoevsky Foundation in Moscow.

During these engaging two days of debates, it was very exiting to follow intellectual exchange between those two scholars, coming from opposite methodologies while elaborating about the intriguing biography of one of the greatest Russian writers and about his major novels: “The Devils,” “Crime and Punishment” and “The Brothers Karamazov.” It should not be overlooked, that yet another American scholar of Russian origin, Irina Kuznecova, added spice to polemics, thanks to her profound knowledge of Fyodor Dostoevsky influence on German writers and philosophers, as well as to her unexpected ability to fill the gap and become an interpret from Russian to English and vice versa.

Next [b]Tolstoy Festival Coming to Long Beach[/b]

A great event is being prepared for Russian literature fans. Long Beach - Sochi Sister Cities Association is preparing a literature festival for early 2010 honoring the famed Russian writer Leo Tolstoy where the works of the literary giant will be introduced to the public.

The event will feature book readings, round-table discussions, live staged samples of Tolstoy's works, films about his life and accomplishments and of course an opportunity to meet the author's writer’s great-great-grandson in person.

The event, cosponsored by the California State University Long Beach Library, will take place at the Karl Anatol Center on the campus. At the present time support from Long Beach Library Foundation and Federal Library Foundation are being sought.