Author Topic: The longest in the world declaration of LOVE for the wife  (Read 3025 times)

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The longest in the world declaration of LOVE for the wife
« on: February 04, 2010, 06:19:54 AM »
It is great to become more romantic after you are married for some time. Ohh I think it is so romantic!

Citizen of Rostov wrote to his wife the longest in the world declaration of love.
[color=red]The length of the inscriptions - one kilometer[/color]

The phrase "Tanya, I love you" 28 year old Alexander KARTASHOV inscribed on the ice of the river that goes thru the city. The length of the inscriptions - one kilometer. His declaration of love to the wife is going to be fixed in the "Guinness Book of Records" as much as five positions.
Alexander and another 15 volunteers worked for almost two and a half days. Spent 2,5 kg dye red colour. Spoiled 15 brooms - they applied the paint with. They came to the river at eight in the morning, but left when it got dark. The good wives and girlfriends of workers treated the activity with lots of understanding - lunch and hot tea they brought directly to the river. Unusual event attracted crowds of onlookers. Some even joined the process. Fortunately they bought alot of brooms.
On the river Don to conduct such experiments are very dangerous.
Rescue service advised to put declaration of love on the river Temernik that crosses the entire city. River is quiet, calm, keep ice on it for a long time. Rostov also lucky with frost in this winter. Team of helpers were great. Rescuers picked out for Sasha the safest site on the river Temernik and on just before the eve of Valentine's Day in Rostov appeared happy inscription.
Not on the fence and on the roght topic.

Enjoy my dear wife, probably thought Alexander.

Good luck!

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