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Author Topic: The first Russian Burger King opens in Moscow  (Read 1964 times)

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The first Russian Burger King opens in Moscow
« on: January 26, 2010, 05:30:30 PM »
The first Russian Burger King opens in Moscow Jan. 22, 2010

It was in January 1990 that the first McDonald's restaurant opened in Russia. Huge crowds made it the most anticipated and popular McDonalds restaurant in the world. It represented the new democratic Russia and McDonalds benefited the wave of energy in the early days after the Soviet Union. Now, twenty years later, Burger King arrives in the Russian market.

The first restaurant is in the Metropolis shopping mall in the northwest of Moscow and more soon, including a branch in the Yevropeisky shopping center Jan. 25 and another in a Mega shopping center in Tyoply Stan.

McDonald’s has more than 240 restaurants in Russia, while domestic chain Rostiks-KFC has 170 outlets.
Burger Rus, Burger King’s Russian franchisee, is controlled by Alexander Kolobov, who founded the Shokoladnitsa coffee shop chain. He and partners Oleg Gurkov and Mikhail Serdtsev will operate the brand in Russia. Burger King jhas more than 12,000 restaurants worldwide.

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