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Catherine's the Great Monument/Memorial
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Monuments and Memorials

Like any historical capital, St. Petersburg has a wealth of statues and monuments commemorating its history and its greatest citizens. As well as numerous and very different statues of the city's founder, Peter the Great, St. Petersburg's public spaces are decorated with the figures of Russia's literary greats, military heroes, and political dignitaries, and a score of monuments to the city's triumphs and tragedies, especially to the hardships and losses suffered by the city during the Siege of Leningrad.
Monument to Catherine the Great

Monument to Catherine the Great, St. Petersburg, Russia

This monument to Catherine the Great was unveiled in 1873. The Empress was adored by the people of St. Petersburg for all her efforts to improve the life and education provided by the city and her reign has long seen been known as the "golden age" of Russia. The statue of Catherine is surrounded by delicately carved figures of the most prominent individuals of her reign: politicians and poets, military men and courtiers. The monument is located in the middle of a small, grass-covered square, just off Nevsky Prospekt, which is lined by the Anichkov Palace, the Alexandrinsky Drama Theater and the Russian National Library. As one of the country's most enlightened monarchs, Catherine could not have chosen a better spot herself.

The monument was designed by the Russian artist M.O. Mikeshin and created by the best sculptors and architects of the day. Catherine the Great is dressed in her official gown and holds a scepter in her right hand and an olive wreath in her left hand. The pedestal is decorated with the symbols of royal power. Among the dignitaries, who's likenesses have been carved on the statue's pedestal, are Alexander Suvorov, perhaps the most famous general in Russian history, Prince Potiomkin, the general and politician, Ekaterina Dashkova, the first woman to chair the Russian Academy of Sciences (in the 18th century!!!) and the celebrated poet Gavrila Derzhavin.

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Re: Catherine's the Great Monument/Memorial
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Hello Bluesky,
thank you for so nice info about the monument.
It is one of the most important and great monuments in the city.

Do you have some special memory about it, when you saw it first time?
Do you have your own photo of it from your St.Petersburg visit?

You are welcome to write more and post photos that you took.

Thank you for looking and writing.


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Re: Catherine's the Great Monument/Memorial
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I think the knowledge gained this time is very iinteresting.
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