Author Topic: New "Zenith" stadium is about to open.  (Read 4680 times)

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New "Zenith" stadium is about to open.
« on: January 15, 2010, 07:31:29 AM »
[center]In St. Petersburg in 2010 to open a new stadium for the "Zenith".[/center]
В Петербурге в 2010 году откроется новый стадион для "Зенита"

In the northern capital, on Krestovsky in late 2010 will open a new stadium for 60 thousand seats for the football club "Zenith", most likely, it will be known as "Gazprom-Arena".
New football stadium, the appropriate standards of FIFA and UEFA, is being built on the site of the stadium named after Sergei Kirov in Primorsky Victory Park in the western part of Krestovsky island. Estimated cost of construction - $ 250 million.

Draft of the new stadium is designed Bureau of the Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa. It will be a seven-story, with the first two floors flee to restore the structure of the hill. Four of the seven storey stadium will occupy a podium with a capacity of 62 thousand seats and podtribunnye premises, and the upper floor will be used as a terrace for the review. The building also will house stadium shops, restaurant, exhibition hall, parking, business center, rooms for athletes, judges and the press.

Back in September, Gazprom head Alexei Miller said that he hoped that the stadium was named in honor of the company. "We need to name the stadium to include a modern way, to think about stable funding of the club for years to come ... it would be correct to call the Gazprom-Arena", -  he had said to reporters after visiting the stadium being built.

And in December, head of the Sports Committee Vyacheslav Chazov read on the results of an informal competition for the best name of the stadium.  According to him, for the name of "Gazprom-Arena" is expressed by the majority of voters Petersburgers.  But they also suggested other names, including: "Petrograd Arena", "Stadium Kirill Lavrov (the actor was a devoted fan of the team)," The Flying Dutchman, "" White Nights "and even" Valentine ".

As the head of the sports committee, the name of "Gazprom Arena" will ensure that the stadium in any case, even if you do not come at the recoupment will receive additional funds for development.

Chazov assured that the stadium will be introduced in time - in December 2010, despite the fact that in recent months in the draft is amended, regarding, first of all, security issues of the new arena.

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