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What medicine to bring when visiting Russia
« on: January 09, 2010, 08:57:37 AM »
In a foreign country, many items easily accessible at home are often troublesome to find, but in Russia, many you consider essential may be unavailable. So when packing to visit Mother Russia, the contents of your suitcase should be a smart mix of personal necessities and modern conveniences. Here are a few items that are easy to overlook:

    Medicine: When preparing to travel Russia, you should pack any medicine you may need, from headaches to allergies, bandages to antiseptic creams. Some people have even been known to pack their own IV kits so that they can have the assurance that can use their own things when the need arises.
Cold and flu medicine like Aspirin. Something for your personal problems and any other gastric problem that you can imagine.
    Laundry Soap: The fewer clothes you pack, the more space you'll have for all the extras you'll need in Russia. To make up for wardrobe limitations, consider packing laundry detergent and a rubber drain stopper so you can easily wash your clothes in the sink of your room.
    Comfortable Clothes: To travel Russia means plenty of walking, make sure you take comfortable shoes. And so you can spend more time touring and less time primping, pack easy-care, non-wrinkle clothing.
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