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Russian letters pronounciation - R
« on: January 06, 2010, 08:35:38 AM »
[center][b]R - Р[/b] (r)[/center]

There are two ways of rolling an 'r' in most languages.
  At first Russian 'r' is trilled, like in Spanish and Italian. That is, the tip of the tongue is raised firmly to the top of the mouth and just enough air pressure is applied to cause the tongue to flap back and forth two or three times. It is the same sound kids make when they attempt to imitate the sound of a motorcycle or a machine gun or an animal roar.

  The second is a harsher guttural sound, like in 'theatre' German or Scottish. The Russian 'r' is the first kind. You roll an 'r' by sticking the tip of your tongue up and then exhaling until the tip trills.
However, some people are physically not able of rolling an 'r', including many Russians(for example, Lenin himself couldn’t roll an 'r'). If it describes you, try to pronounce it as 'L' instead. Under no circumstances make a nasal English 'r'.

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