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Author Topic: The best national anthem to Auguste de Montferrand in St. Petersburg  (Read 2442 times)

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In St. Petersburg, have chosen the best national anthem to Auguste de Montferrand.
Committee of Culture of St. Petersburg Government summed up the competition for Anthem to French Neoclassical architect who worked primarily in Russia.
His two best known works are the Saint Isaac's Cathedral and the Alexander Column in Saint Petersburg.
In 1815 he was awarded an audience to Alexander I of Russia and presented the Tsar with an album of his works. In summer 1816, Montferrand landed in Saint Petersburg.
Montferrand's name is associated with Saint Petersburg. However, working with Betancourt, he designed buildings for Moscow, Odessa and Nizhny Novgorod.
Many monuments and statues were started by him.
Monument to Nicholas I was Montferrand's last work, commissioned by Alexander II in May, 1856.
When Monferrand died in 1859, the Hermitage Museum failed to buy out the collection from his house, and it dispersed.

First place an anthem of Natalia Orlova, second place was shared by George Portnoy and Eugene Rushan, third place was taken by Igor Druh.
The contest was announced in November 2009 and tied in with the Year of France in Russia. On Friday, December 18, the House of Composers was held to listen to the five finalists, who themselves performed their work. All winners of the contest received 60 thousand rubles.
 "In such a short period composers wrote professional, mature and interesting pieces," - chairman of the jury members praised the composer Sergei Slonimsky, adding that the authorities of St. Petersburg decided to use all the hymns(anthems) of winning. "In different situations, all four national anthem will be used," - said Slonimsky.
From the contestants were required to write an essay in "anthem or odic style, but in the text refer to the" contribution Auguste Montferrand in the architecture of the city. "
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