Author Topic: The Tretyakov Gallery will be destroied on Krimsky Val in Moscow  (Read 2686 times)

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The Tretyakov Gallery will be destroied on Krimsky Val in Moscow
« on: December 09, 2009, 06:47:24 AM »
The new building of the Tretyakov's gallery must enter into the history of architecture of 21 century.

The new building of the Tretyakov Gallery, which will be built on the Crimean shaft, should enter into the history of architecture of the XXI century.
The fate of Central House of Artists on the Crimean shaft is solved - the building will be demolished.
They want a new, comfortable, functional building, that will make an event in the museum's architectural and construction life.

Meanwhile, who will design the new museum - foreign or domestic architect, for now is unimportant.

They wish it wil be superprofessional with new interesting ideas, so that the building will be included in the history of architecture of the XXI century.
According to the order of the Russian Government (1796-p) Tretyakov Gallery on the Crimean shaft gets a new building, after which the museum vacate its space in the Central House of Artists (CHA).  However, once the new building for the museum will be built and put into operation, it is in a two-month period it must be transferred into federal property, after which 38.826 thousand square meters (approximately 60% of the total land area), which is now in the Tretyakov Gallery, CHA would be owned by Moscow.

According to information, which in August was placed on the site of the capital building complex with reference to the words of the Deputy Mayor of the government of Moscow Vladimir Resin, "after the launch and opening of the new building CHA will be dealt with, and in its place will be build new."

A situation in which a museum is uniquely constructed a new building, on the whole is positive, because now the Tretyakov Gallery can plan it's live.  In particular, will not have to start in the premises on the Crimean shaft expensive retrofitting, but maintain current status.

However, at present nothing can be said neither the timing of construction of the new museum building, nor about who will fund it. Director of the Tretyakov Gallery suggests that it will continue to be the investment opportunity, because no one changed the original concept.
"The state has no such big money, but now is crisis and whether the current time of such potential investors who are able to invest huge sums of money, I'm not sure" - said director of the gallery.

Investor to select on a competitive basis, and only then it can be the architectural competition.

The project is implemented within the integrated development of the Moscow government area near the Crimean shaft.  Planning solution for the territory was represented at the public hearing in February 2009: In addition to new buildings for the Tretyakov Gallery and the International Confederation of Artists' Union, which occupies 40% of the CHA, in terms of investment properties have been identified, the reorganization of park area and a device for building underground parking lots.

Thus, according to the project of planning the territory, CHA and the State Tretyakov Gallery, built in close proximity to the Garden Ring Road, forming a kind Russian letter "G": Home of the artist is perpendicular to the track, and the museum - in parallel. This decision was criticized  by the Tretyakov Gallery, and in accordance with the formal procedure is necessary to consider all comments and to propose an updated draft, revised in accordance with the criticisms.

This is an important and fundamental thing.
Director of the Tretyakov Gallery suggested that the specific meetings and negotiations on this issue will not begin until early next year. In the beginning of the year will be some meeting, and probably it will understandable where they are moving.

Meanwhile, a neighbor of the Tretyakov Gallery on the CHA, the International Confederation of Artists' Union, which at the same time with the museum was preparing a technical specification for the new building, yet no orders had been received.

Development of the territory on the Crimean shaft repeatedly became the occasion for much debate.

In February, the daughter of the author of the project CHA requested to recognize the building as a historic monument of architecture.

Information about the possible demolition of the Central House of Artists (built in 1962-64 years project of Nikolai Sukoyanya and Yuri Sheverdyaeva), appeared in the press after the company Inteko presented in 2008 at an exhibition in Cannes, a draft set of "orange", which developed the famous British architect Sir Norman Foster.  The representatives of Russian media coverage of the exhibition, and along with them - leadership of the Tretyakov Gallery and the International Confederation of Artists' Union, were surprised to find out that the "Orange" should stand still CHA.

Тогда дирекция музея выступила с критикой проекта Фостера, согласно которому в здании должны были располагаться не только выставочные залы, но еще и торговые помещения, офисы и жилые апартаменты. Then the museum's administration has criticized the draft Foster, according to which the building should have been placed not only the exhibition halls, but also commercial premises, offices and residential apartments.

Протест вызвало и желание московских властей избавиться от здания ЦДХ, крупнейшей выставочной площадки в центре города. The protest caused and desire of the Moscow authorities to get rid of CHA buildings, the largest exhibition ground in the city center. Был создан Общественный совет по культурным центрам, который возглавил директор ЦДХ Василий Бычков. Was set up a Public Council for Cultural Center, which led the CHA director Vasily Bychkov. Вошло в него несколько десятков видных деятелей культуры, выступающих против сноса здания на Крымском валу, которое попытались даже, невзирая на довольно унылый внешний вид, объявить памятником архитектуры. Entered into him dozens of prominent cultural figures who oppose the demolition of the building on the Crimean shaft, which is even attempted, in spite of a rather dull appearance to announce an architectural monument.

Однако процесс освоения территории шел своим чередом, и в августе 2008 года представители Третьяковки и конфедерации художников разработали для строителей технические задание, предполагавшие, что на Крымском валу должно появиться два новых, отдельно стоящих музейных здания. However, the development of the territory was on its way, and in August 2008, representatives of the Tretyakov Gallery and the Confederation of artists worked for the builders of the technical task, suggesting that the Crimean shaft should see two new, separate museum building. При этом обе организации выдвигали одно условие: здание ЦДХ может быть освобождено только после того, как новые помещения будут полностью готовы. However, both organizations put forward one condition: the building of CHA could be released only after the new premises will be fully prepared.

Вторая волна дискуссии поднялась после проведения общественных слушаний, в ходе которых был обнародован проект застройки, вызвавший бурный протест жителей окружающих домов и других жителей Москвы. The second wave of discussion arose after the public hearing, during which was launched a development project, slammed the residents of surrounding houses and other residents of Moscow. Не понравился план и Третьяковской галерее, внезапно обнаружившей себя в непосредственной близости к Садовому кольцу. Do not like the plan and the Tretyakov Gallery, suddenly found himself in close proximity to the Garden Ring.

Доработанный проект, впрочем, так и не был представлен. The finalized draft, however, has not been submitted. Разговоры о возможном сносе ЦДХ затихли сами собой, тем более, что разразился кризис, и еще в июле 2009 года директор Третьяковки не была уверена, что проект вообще может быть осуществлен. Discussions on the possible demolition of CHA subsided themselves, especially since the crisis erupted, and in July 2009 Director of the Tretyakov Gallery was not sure that the project could ever be implemented.

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