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St. Isaac's Cathedral
« on: December 08, 2009, 08:46:12 PM »
[b] St. Isaac's Cathedral [/b]

Now operated mostly as a museum, St Isaac's was the biggest Cathedral of its time and intended to be the main orthodox church for Russia when the third cathedral was completed inteh 1800s.

Beside being a beautiful place to walk and look inside, the Collonade walkway is open in warm months and you can get the best view of the center of the city from there.

Sometimes choral concerts are held there.

In 1931 the Antireligious Museum was opened in the building, then an art museum before returning to its original function in 1990 and services are held there on major religious holidays.

Go to St. Isaac Square,
Metro Sennaya or Sadovay, Spasskaya or walk along the Moika river from Nevsky Prospekt

Get a [b][url=]Grand tour[/url][/b] of St. Petersburg.
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