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Church on the Spilled Blood
« on: November 19, 2009, 10:18:01 PM »
The [b]Church on the Spilled Blood [/b] (1883 and 1907) was built on the spot where the Czar Alexander II was assasinated by revolutionaries who threw a bomb under his carriage in March 1881.
It was finished in 1907, closed for services by the Bolsheviks in the 1930s, then reopened as a museum and shrine in 1997.

Often at night as you walk along the Gribeodova canal from Nevsky Prospect you will here strains of music from street musicians and groups of people busltling by on the way home from work.
The tourist souvenir stands are closed and most of the gypsies are gone.
It can be quite pleasant!
In summer it is light all night, you will not likely have enough clouds to justify lights on the church.

This retired school teacher hangs around tourist spots looking for chances to be of service for a fee. I have seen him both at the Church and in the Grand Hotel Europe.
There are many people who hang around, some harmless and kind like this gentleman. And others, likek swarms of gypsies that just want to get their hands into your pockets.

Girboedova Canal.
Walk along the Griboedova Canal from Nevsky Prospekt. You can see it from there.
The Church extends over the canal in the exact spot where Alexander lay after the attack.

photo: Retired teacher, ready tour guide at Church;
Spilled Blood in March at night Saint Petersburg

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