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Author Topic: NEW project! The figure of the Apostle Andrew in St. Petersburg by Kronstadt  (Read 3472 times)

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 Project architecture

The figure of the Apostle Andrew of Albert Charkin almost literally repeats the statue of Christ from the Rio de Janeiro!

 In St. Petersburg are preparing to install a monument to Apostle Andrew.  Sculpture height of 70 meters of the Rector of the Academy of Arts Albert Charkin should be installed in the sea, near Kronstadt, not quite certain place near the entry gates of the dam. On the idea - GRIGORY Kommersant-Revzina.

 Strictly news here is that the rector of the Academy of Arts, there has arrogated to itself the idea of a monument to Apostle Andrew in the water, and now she has it. Initially, this created a monument to St. Petersburg painter and sculptor Vyacheslav Cebotari.  This artist was famous for once monumental cycle "We are building a BAM, but after the collapse of the Soviet Union turned to religious themes.  In 1996 he won a competition for a monument in honor of 300 anniversary of Russian navy, and they just came and the apostle by the dam.

Rector of the Academy of Arts Albert Charkin has initiated an alternative tender for the construction of the monument, saying that the fact that the sculptor Cebotari - not a sculptor, a painter, and the apostle was not the apostle but bredun (person talking in a strange way) among the waves, and he was able to win by a wave of rallys activity of 1990's.  The decision to dismiss Cebotari from the apostle, has caused a wave of exotic meeting activitys under the banner of "Mother! Close the eyes of your children! Close the window! Charkin" works "!", But a small wave. The contest winner Sculptor Vladimir Olenev. In 2003, he died, but the embodiment Charkin announced his intent affair of his life.  The proposed urban board on the Petersburg monument project, however, has little resemblance to the work Oleneva. It was mainly the time of inheritance Cebotari ideas through the late Oleneva. Regarding the plastic idea of Mr Charkin, the source of it, in my opinion, it should be recognized study and abroad experience. The figure of the apostle Andrew literally repeats the statue of Christ from the Rio de Janeiro.

It is a talk!
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