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if You Loved Me
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Izzy Brown was rising fast on the music charts. Her song, “If You Loved Me,” was number three on the billboards and her concerts were selling out. Izzy was twenty-one, blonde and beautiful. She grew up in California to doting parents that nurtured her singing talent from a young age. Now she was a star. She had decided to move to New York to grow, both as an artist and as a woman.

Izzy’s chauffeur waited for her outside her apartment on Central Park South. She bought the pied-a-terre when her first hit record went gold. She loved the place, loved to decorate and buy art. The apartment building was built in the forties and the view of Central park was stunning. The apartment had three bedrooms, a large kitchen, a living room and formal dining room and a library. Izzy had a glass recording studio built in the corner of the living room surrounded by glass walls. She collected dolls and had a display of all the vintage dolls she had collected from all around the world on her tours.

The afternoon was a warm May day ouside and the sliding glass doors were open.Izzy got out of the shower, her long blonde hair wet and dripping down her back. She stepped over the thick carpet to her bulging closet and picked out an outfit. She chose a pair of black suede pants, a black silk blouse and a pair of pink ostrich boots, custom made for her in New Mexico. She had a date to meet her agent Eddy at The Russian Tea Room for lunch.

Eddy had been her trusted agent for five years. He managed other acts as well but kept his eye mainly on Izzy. Eddy was in his forties, a short man and very shrewd in business. He made sure that no one would screw Izzy out of her money, make bad record deals or steal her royalties.

Izzy put on a pair of silver hoop earrings and an antique black onyx ring. Damian had given her the ring in Paris. Damian was just one of her many boyfriends. She wasn’t ready to “go steady” with anyone yet. The press watched her comings and goings closely. Each new boyfriend was tabloid fodder and she was growing weary of being watched every moment of her life.

She rode the elevator to the ground floor and the ornate doors opened to the Art Deco lobby. The doorman Stan was there, he tipped his hat to her and opened the door. The chauffeur stood waiting at the limosine and he nodded to her as she came out.

“Miss Izzy.”
“Hiya Charlie.”

Izzy jumped in the back of the limosine and relaxed. She had a song playing over and over again in her head. She opened her bag and took out a small recorder and sang into it. She would record it later, more material for the new album.

The streets of New York were crowded. Shoppers walked by with bags and businesspeople walked briskly by carrying briefcases and wearing running shoes. The limosine pulled to the curb and the chauffeur opened the door. Some tourists stopped and stared.

“Look, that’s Izzy Brown” one tourist gawked. “Can we get a picture?” said another woman.

Izzy stopped and posed for a picture with the tourists. The doorman to the Russian Tea Room opened the doors and she walked inside. The restaurant was fragrant, the rich aroma of fresh flowers and cinnamon. The maitre’d hugged her and led her to a banquette where Eddy was waiting. He was wearing a dark suit with a colorful rock and roll tie. He kissed her on both cheeks.

“You look great, “ he beamed
“You too Eddy.” She smiled at him
“Two Cabernets please.” Eddy said to the waiter
“Yes sir.”

Eddy took one of her hands in his, “So, my darling, how are you?”
“Tired but good, I just finished my tour, and in a few days I’m going to Europe.”
“I know, baby, you have a hectic schedule.”
“That’s okay, I’m totally into it, I love it. I can’t wait to get to Europe.”
“They love you there, especially in France.”
“I know.” She smiled
“Maybe you will be swept off your feet by a romantic Frenchman.”
“Don’t bet on it.”
“Such skepticism at your age!”

The waiter returned with their wine. He placed their glasses in front of them carefully. He took out a small pad of paper from his pocket.

“Are you ready to order? the waiter asked
“Ready babe?”
“I’ll have the trout almondine please.”
“And I’ll take the filet mignon, rare.”
“Thank you.” The waiter smiled at them.

They sat awhile and sipped their wine. Izzy opened up her bag and took out a small notebook. It was full of scribbling and doodles and words. Eddy looked at it.

“What’s this?” asked Eddy
“The new album.” She smiled
“Read me the songs.”
“Okay”. She read him off the songs.
“Beautiful, I love it!”
“I think it’s my best so far.”
“The best is yet to come, trust me.”
“I trust you Eddy, you are so queer!”
“What? Are you calling me a faggot?”

They laughed. The waiter arrived with the food.

“Would you care for some fresh pepper? He asked Eddy
“Yes, please.”

They dug into their food. Some people in the restaurant stared at them. Izzy took no notice as they pointed to her and whispered.

Eddy looked up from his food. ” I have a surprise for you.”
“What?”She looked curious.
“I’ve arranged for a little mini-holiday on your tour.”
“You have?”
“Yes, it’s a wonderful little village off the coast of the Adriatic. It’s called Stari Grad, ever heard of it? It’s tiny, but beautiful.”
“No, I’ve never heard of it.”
“It’s tiny. No one will bother you there.You will enjoy it.”
“Oh Eddy! Thank you!” She squeezed his hand.

They sat for awhile and he finished his steak.

“So, how’s all the men in your life? I’ve been reading the papers.”
“I don’t want to talk about it.”
“Oh? that bad?”
“No, that good....”
“Really? Well, super kiddo.”
“I’m not in love though.”
“No? Pity!”
“Well, I’m not sure....”
“You’ll know when you are.”
“Oh yeah, do you think so?”
“I’ll take it from you Eddy.”

Eddy smiled at her and then looked serious.”Now, getting down to business. You have the VH1 special next month, the album must be complete in no less than six months and after the European tour you’re going coast to coast. Think you can handle it?”

“Yeah, I guess so. I might freak out though.”
“Why would you freak out?”
“I don’t know, I’m scared one day it will all get to me and I’ll end up in some institution somewhere.”
“Well, promise me you’ll stay away from drinking and drugging and you will be just fine.”
“I will, promise.”
“Good girl.”

The waiter appeared.”Care for any coffee or dessert?”
“No thanks,”

They got up and walked through the restaurant. Some heads turned as they left and some tourists asked for an autograph.

“Izzy! Out here!! Can I have your autograph?” asked one man.
“Izzy! When is your next album coming out?”

Izzy fulfilled all her obligatons and as they approached the limosine Eddy whispered in her ear. “Knock’em dead in Europe baby, do it for me!”

Izzy’s eyes filled up with tears and she replied, “I will Eddy, I will.” She hugged him tightly.

Izzy got inside the limosine and turned as it pulled away to see Eddy waving goodbye.

She said to the driver, “ 54 West 72nd please.”

“Yes Izzy. “ The driver replied.