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In Tobolsk came the first batch of elite book about Siberia


 In Tobolsk came the first batch of elite book about Siberia
 In Tobolsk came the first batch of the tenth book almanac «Tobolsk, and the whole of Siberia». The publication has attracted the attention of a great Italian printing, a loud name in the composition of the editorial board and authors, the magnitude and originality of materials, as well as the fact that the world is sufficiently large segments of the Russian elite.

 The tenth book almanac «Tobolsk and Siberia all» is devoted to 300 anniversary of the establishment of the Siberian province.  In an editorial board composed of the almanac, among other president of the Russian Academy of Sciences Yuri Osipov, the Archbishop of Tobolsk and Tyumen Dimitri (Kapalin), governor of Tyumen Eugene Kuyvashev, president of the Public Television (TV) «Tyumen Region» Anatoly Omelchuk, the writer Valentin Rasputin, Vice Governor of the Tyumen Sergei Sarychev area. Also worked on the production of a writer Yuri Loschits, artist Alexander Bykov.  The contents of the book a collection of works of a variety of authors both living, and now live. Among the sponsors - the creator of «Skates-Gorbunka» Peter Yershov, the spiritual leader staroverchestva Habakkuk (Petrov), and also needs no introduction, Mikhail Lomonosov.  The book revealed the topic of fierce tenderness era of Pushkin's Siberia, the Transbaikalian hunting for bear.

Publishing project implemented Tyumen Regional Public Charitable Foundation «Vozrozhdeniye Tobolsk». As the chairman of the presidium of the fund and one of the drafters of the book almanac Arkadij Elfimov, «Russia would have to be very loud to celebrate the 300 anniversary of the Siberian province, to celebrate politically. We need to collect the earth from mentoring at us from all sides of rockets. Until December, remained short-lived. I think that celebrate the same way as the 425 th anniversary of the victory of the Yermak Chuvash cape (home battle Ermak Siberian trip - approx. Avt.) Then, an exhibition at the State Historical Museum on Red Square of the capital - Moscow - on the Yermak and his campaign in Siberia.  Thus, we have created a very nice medal for the 300 th anniversary of the Siberian province. Its author - Alexander Baklanov. Second, what we have done - this is the tenth book almanac «Tobolsk, and the whole of Siberia».

According to Arcadia Elfimova, the Western world expects a systemic crisis, involving, among other things, and with the lack of resources.  In the West, as he thinks, will further strengthen the view that inherited Siberia Russia unfair and it should be divided.  Therefore, countries must constantly demonstrate its right to this part of Eurasia, without which Russia will not.

More about that is the tenth book of Tobolsk, the Siberian magazine, who worked on it and the idea of defending its creators - in the material «UralPolit.Ru».

Well, it was in October 2008 but the book is still there!


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