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Money: bank cards or cash?
« on: November 30, 2008, 09:37:02 PM »
[b]Money: bank cards or cash?[/b]
Luggage And Bags: It is best to put your money in a neck bag or money belt. Remember, your back pockets belong to the public. Put your wallet in your tight front jeans pocket or zipped inside your jacket. Unzipped pockets also belong to the public.

Cash, clsan $100 bills can be exchanged at any bank for rubles. They charge a commission and the rate varies bank to bank. The state Sberbank usually has the worst money exchange rate, but often the lowest fees for using ATM bank cards. (Bankomat)

ATM or bankomat machines are everywhere and major banks all work with them.
Personally, I prefere Raiffeisen, the Austrian bank for exchange or ATM cards. And the staff there speak englsih and are courteous as one should expect.

Avoid loose pockets, zip things inside your jacket

Do not hand a camera loose over your shoulder, put it in a secure place like a zipped pocket and just bring it out for pictures.

Federal Express travelors checks are slowing be accepted by banks, but they are definitely a hassle, especially outside the big cities of Moscow and St. Petesburg. Cash always works and bank cards usually work.
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