Author Topic: How to get to the home concert-«kvartirnik»?  (Read 3259 times)

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How to get to the home concert-«kvartirnik»?
« on: April 15, 2009, 10:03:58 PM »
Loud, home -

Favorite musician at a distance stretched hands, unfamiliar people around, knocking on the pipes disgruntled noise neighbors ...  All this on «kvartirnikah» - live at home, the popularity of which are now almost as strong as in the 80 th of the last century.

Flats concert tour by the strength of emotions can be compared with the sacred mysteries in secret societies.  Announced kvartirniki often on «sarafan radio»(by talk), Skype, ICQ or e-mail - information that is only for familiar people. The only way to find out about this concert by a man - "prosherstit" (to go thru all) Internet community, and blogs, which regularly posted the coordinates of upcoming events (but not all). Next - attributes: the home concerts, as the Japanese tea ceremony, only to let in clean socks (themselves understand why), as special caution beginners. Then, a meeting place: usually the vestibule Metro station, where it is necessary to search a person with identification mark (this can be anything:-hat, green coat and pink umbrella).  If you arrive a little late to find comrades in general not be a problem - around him, sure, have already formed a small crowd of excited people.

Give «per ticket» around 200-400 rubles, you pass in the room, which is already in people 30 or even 50.  Those who lacked a good place (this is when you sit on the floor, with "podzhatymi"(legs pulled close to your chest) to your chest with their feet), remained at the door and the effects are standing.

40 minutes later the organizers declared a break, and people at odds on all staircases entrance - smoke and discuss.  The second part ends with the announcement «Last Songs» - of course, the musicians, no one go, and they play «encore», then leave the tools alone, but people are asked to disperse.

 Go kvartirnik: / kvartirnik /

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