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Author Topic: Russia prosecutes 40,000 cases against public officials in 2008  (Read 2762 times)

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Russia prosecutes 40,000 cases against public officials
President Dmitry Medvedev comments on government corruption, a system that became epidemic in Soviet Russia when it was outlawed to even do business of any kind, and the challenges ahead.

DMITRY MEDVEDEV "The fight against corruption is always difficult because it is a systemic problem. The fight against corruption in our country is a particularly difficult challenge that will require tremendous effort and real perseverance. Of course it has to be carried out over years. But already today I can say that we have made some progress. According to statistics that I have been given, over the past year there have been 40 thousand criminal cases brought against those who violate state rules while in public service or local government. I am not even commenting on whether this is a big number or a small one, although it is more than in 2007. Some 12 thousand of these cases involved bribes. Those are hard cases that are very difficult to prove. Nevertheless, I hope that the majority of these criminal proceedings will be brought to a conclusion and result in guilty verdicts if the investigation shows that crimes have been committed by the public servants in question."

Read the entire interview with Kirill Kleimenov  of Channel One in russia: | Forum